I Have Resolved

I’m not really one for new year resolutions. I don’t usually make them because  I kinda feel that if some part of my lifestyle needs tweaking, I don’t typically wait for the new year to […]

And Just Like That, It’s A New Year

I’m missing you. The holidays have my schedule all out of whack, but I AT LEAST had to say ……Happy New Year to you all! We’re having a quiet, family game night and copious amounts of […]

Happy, Handmade Art & Paper Goods by Pen & Paint

Today, once again, I get to introduce you to someone wonderful. Someone whose work I first found through Pinterest,  but because some NINNY one had removed her watermark and uploaded the pic themselves, I didn’t know […]

Cookie Week {Day 6}: White Chocolate Cranberry-Orange Cookie Recipe

This recipe is my own. And it’s delicious. For real and for true. The buttery cookie, subtlety of the orange, creamy white chocolate, and  tartness of the cranberry all combine to make the perfect cookie. […]

Laser Cut Wooden Jewelry & Art by Havok Designs

Today, I get to introduce you to Havok Designs and the uber talented artist behind  the amazing laser cut designs!   What is Havok Designs?? Havok designs is all about bringing you quality, unique, fun + […]

Cookie Week {Day 5}: White Chocolate Snack Mix Recipe

Ok, this is obviously not a cookie, per say, but it DOES make it into my Christmas cookie gifts every year. I strategically place these scrumptious little “clumps” of  sweet N’ salty goodness all over […]

Links, Links, and More Links: 18 Cookie Packaging,Christmas Printables, and Recipe Ideas {Cookie Week Day 4}

Welcome back to Cookie Week!!  We’re talking all things Christmas cookies for an entire week!! If you missed anything, you can catch up here. Today I have for you 18 amazing cookie packaging idea, free […]