The Good Old Days

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October at a Glance

October was a good month. Nay, a great month, made even better by the fact that we are now moving … [Read more...]

Postcards From the Beach

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How to Be Thankful for the Beauty in Your Life {a DIY of Sorts}

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Week End Wrap Up {Top Ten & Noteworthy}

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Favorite June Moments {Instagram Style}

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A Summer Day at Auntie’s {Meet Topper}

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My Priceless Masterpiece

So often I look around my home and feel.........underwhelmed. It's warm, lived-in, welcoming, and … [Read more...]

May Moments {instagram style}

a pedicure with my sweet age 12 daughter. Not only is she beautiful,but she has her mom's rapier wit … [Read more...]

Giving Up On Clean

Today, I'm linking up with The Tiny Twig and naptime diaries to talk about giving up on good.In … [Read more...]