This is the place where I talk about myself in the 3rd person and list my credentials, right?

….where I give you, my potential readers, an impressive list of education, accolades, and accomplishments, to basically let you know that I’m important enough to merit following.

Hmmmmmm……therein lies the rub. I have no such list.

If there is one gift, one thing that is remarkable to me, it’s that I believe in being real. And honest.

and so,  I suppose, if I let you have a glimpse straight into my heart, you’d not find a list of accolades or accomplishments on which I rest.

Instead, you’d see that I’m a girl who’s not entirely convinced that I am any more worth the follow than the next blogger.

I’m a  girl who, on some days, can be fraught with insecurities & doubts. My gift is that I will gladly tell you about each and every one of them.

But, for the sake of argument {and google searches :D}, let’s do this 3rd person thing that they tell me I should do.

Sara Valente is:

….really, just a regular girl.

Sara is a wife and mom of 3.

Her husband, a sales & marketing and financial services genius, is her best friend and partner in crime.

She has the privilege of teaching these three amazing people right at home.

They’re her constant companions in life.  Each day they delight her in a new way as she watches them grow and develop, as she sees their personalities, gifts, and quirks unfold before her very eyes.  They’re as special as people can be, and Sara is humbled and blessed that God has entrusted them to her even for this short time.

Sara started her handmade jewelry business, also called Twillypop,  in 2009. While she enjoyed the challenge of running a small online business, she recently closed Twillypop to pursue blogging and focus more on her family.  The demands of a handmade business on her time were more of a sacrifice than she was willing to make.

Sara hails from a small town in upstate NY, where she still lives with her husband and children.

She has overcome crippling perfectionism, anger, depression, and obesity in the short span of her life. She’s deeply passionate about her relationship with Jesus Christ, encouraging her readers in the trials of daily life,  and inspiring women to be fit & comfortable in the skin that they are in, in all stages of life & at any size. You’ll find here bite size memoirs about her journey,  stories of hope, faith & love,  inspiration for your daily life, and {in her words} any and all things pertaining to the funnest things about life.


I can honestly say that I really can’t tell you exactly what to expect when you visit Twillypop. I’m sort of a “jack” of many trades, master of none.

I am admittedly prone to whims.

Some days I’m a hopeless dreamer, other days I’m a realist.

Some days I’m a bit of a fashionista, while other days I can’t be bothered with any of it.

I don’t want to be “painted with just one brush” because I couldn’t for the life of me begin to choose just one brush to be painted with. The one thing that I can promise you when you visit here: I’ll be real.