Comparison’s Been Stealing My Joy



I was staring at this quote on my office wall this morning and it hit me.
I’ve been doing this and it’s been making me miserable.
I wouldn’t have thought I was.
I’d always related this quote to comparing myself with other people. It hangs on my wall as a constant reminder (because, historically, this is an area of struggle for me) to be thankful for who I am, imperfections and all……a reminder that comparing myself to others brings me nothing more than discontent and unhappiness. It’s a good reminder. And it DOES help to keep it ever before me….
But, when I looked at it this morning, it meant something new.
I saw it with fresh eyes…….

I’ve been comparing the “now” with the “how things used to be” in regards to my business. I keep comparing “how it used to be to sell on Etsy” as opposed to how it is now, or “how social media USED to help my business” as compared to how it functions now.  I’ve sorta been stuck there…… that place of looking back and lamenting.  It’s lead to discontent, restlessness, an inability to sink in an relish what’s NOW, AND a sweeping, general, and sad lack of gratitude.  Yup. I’ve been acting like a spoiled child. Mostly inwardly, but we all know that what’s happening inwardly can only be kept under cover for so long. So, yes, my inner temper tantrums have even crept to the surface at times. Yuck.
So, decision time. It’s time to stop. Time to stop the comparison. Stop the theft of my joy.
If I’m looking back at what my business used to be in lament, there’s no way I can be looking ahead  to the future of my business in excitement. And thankfulness.
Because you know what? It’s a pretty dang cool thing that I get to do.
I don’t HAVE to do it. I get to do it. (see how that thankfulness is already creeping in there?:D)
Have you ever experienced something similar in your life? Have you ever been stuck looking back and realized it was keeping you from moving ahead? I’d love for you to share!
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  1. Oh boy, am I ever guilty of this. I look back at how I used to be smaller and in shape, how I wish I hadn’t complained about the way I look then because now is way worse… I think about how it was so easy to lose a few pounds if I wanted to, and I could go on and on about the statements that go through my head as far as my physical appearance is concerned. Then there’s the “before I was sick” thoughts… you’re right: This does make me miserable.

    Some personal work is in order to appreciate where I am now and where I’m going in the future or I’ll continue being stuck looking into the past.

    • Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for sharing. I can tell by what you wrote that you completely understand where I’m coming from. It’s no fun, right? I’ve seen your pictures in Inst, though, and all I can tell you is that you’re completely beautiful. XO

  2. Laquieta Gibson says:

    I’ve done this so many times

  3. michelle bankston says:

    i agree be happy

  4. Thanks for sharing. I needed this today!

  5. gloria patterson says:

    enjoyed your post and it made me think! I have tried and tried to get my mother to think in another way maybe after reading this she will

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