Be Brave Enough



…………Because someone did this for me just recently.

It was an unlikely person, in an unlikely place, at a seemingly unlikely time, but it was perfect.

He did nothing other than be himself and be honest……..Be HUMAN.

It was perfect because God used it to confirm for me a direction toward which He had already been leading me.

I can’t believe how this one chance encounter with someone brave enough to start a conversation could have such a tremendous impact on me, but it did.

So today, an encouragement and reminder for you AND for me:

We’re all in this thing called life together for a reason.

Be brave enough to be you, be honest, be human…..

To start a conversation that matters.

You never know how impactful it may very well be……

XO, Sara

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  1. this is me. i find myself at my heaviest and i am trying to go down step by step and its the hardest journey i’ve ever done.

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