Favorite Spring Fashion Finds (and some inner monologue)

I don’t know WHY when I receive an email from one of my favorite sites that says “new arrivals” I think it’s not only a good idea, but completely harmless to open it. It’s neither a good idea, nor in any way harmless. Inevitably I find at least 1,001 things to covet…………

Dear covetous self,

Don’t open those emails any more.

They only lead to a long list of items for your closet that you never knew existed, but now all of the sudden NEED. Just put the email straight in the trash and you’ll be none the wiser.


practical self.


Dear practical self,

That’s boring.

Plus, what if I missed what would potentially be the most perfect item of clothing I could ever hope to own? Ever. You wouldn’t want me to miss that, would you? Besides, how else would I come up with these fabulous little collages of fun finds for the blog? Duh.


covetous & BLOGGING self.

spring fashion finds collage

denim pencil skirt

cutie patootie baseball jacket

coolest side-stripe jeans ever

‘don’t hassle me, I’m local’ sweatshirt

perfect spring jacket

fab red sweatshirt

fab lace cut-out sweatshirt

Click them, love them. Is there an item for spring that you’re dying to get your hands on? Do tell.

XO, Sara

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  1. I love me some inner dialogue. I’ve had that conversation with myself over many a topic as of late…..

    The jacket is my favorite too.

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