Sew Practical, Sew Pretty: Maiden Jane

Again this week I get to introduce you to someone special. This lovely is like the sister I’ve never met.  If she knew how much I care for her she may even be a little creeped out. {Don’t worry, Jane, I’ll never show up on your doorstep unannounced……..unless I absolutely HAVE to :-D} What can I say except that certain people that I’ve met here in cyberspace mean a whole lot to me, and this special lady is absolutely no exception.

Bloggy world, meet my friend Maiden Jane…..

maiden jane picture

I 1st introduced her to you a while back while posting about my favorite beach bag {the best beach bag ever} No, really. It’s a great bag. SO perfectly large  oversized and wonderfully constructed that I could fit my {then} 6 year old into it…..

beach bagShe’s a truly amazing seamstress…

Beach bags are only the tip of the Maiden Jane iceberg. Some of her most popular items are memory quilts and pillows. Imagine taking your baby’s most well loved items and making them into a memory quilt to be handed down for generations? Or how about taking your child’s high school memories and having them made into a quilt that they can take with them to college? OR, all of those college t shirts that you and your husband have from your Alma Mater? How about making those into a memory blanket for your baby?  Sew thoughtful, sew practical, sew pretty…….

maiden jane collageA little about Maiden Jane in her own words:

Maiden Jane began as an outlet for my love of creating.

I am a practical person who values quality. My products are born out of my needs or my customers’ needs. I designed an oversized beach tote because hauling a lot of stuff to the beach was difficult with four kids in tow. My bags can hold 10 towels!

I love to find new uses for old materials. A sweatshirt becomes a tote, a coffee sack becomes an apron and T shirts become T Shirt Memory Quilts!

Every quilt tells a story. It might be the story of a high school teen about to embark on college. It might be the story of a beloved father who passed away. Maybe it is the story about all the 5Ks you have completed. Whatever the story is, I strive to preserve it in a tangible way. I also preserve it in a practical way: my quilt blankets are meant to be used, washed, hugged, and loved!

Having been a customer, I can tell you  that Jane’s practicality, attention to detail, and love of creating truly shine through in her products.  Fine her all around the net and keep her in mind for your beach bag needs, as well as for graduation, wedding, and baby shower gifts.  There are few gifts as thoughtful or meaningful as what Maiden Jane has to offer…..


XO, Sara

P.S. Stop back tomorrow for a Maiden Jane giveaway that you don’t want to miss……..

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  1. Oh Sara, you are so kind! I am blessed to know you – if only through this strange cyber world we live in. Thank you friend!

  2. I love Jane, too! Maybe if we both show up on her doorstep together, it would not be so creepy!:) I admire her so much for creating a business she loves and being a great mom at the same time!

    • I suppose it has the potential to be less creepy…………………….OR creepIER! Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth. Jane truly is an inspiration as a business woman and a mama, isn’t she?

  3. I love how she’ll take almost anything and make it useful and pretty. Love!

  4. Jane is one of my favorite virtual friends too. I love that she posts her custom quilts. It’s so touching to see the baby items, the first year at college, the wedding and even the memory of a lost one, woven into a lovely quilt. Jane is a bit to organized for my taste, but I suppose if you want your items made neatly and timely, that’s the kind of seller you need.

    • I feel as though what Jane does with the memory quilts and pillows is so very special.
      However, I do have to agree about her over-organization-ful-ness………she makes me look bad 😀

  5. Jane is so amazing! I am so glad that our paths crossed in life.
    Great post!!!

  6. Her work looks beautiful. I love that she uses pre-loved items to make new goodies.

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