Great Styles For Kids At Great Prices

My first two kids always sort of grew at a slow & steady pace.  Major growth spurts were few and far between. They could often wear clothes for more than one season {I know, lucky right?!}…….

BUT…………………not this kid.

old navy kids sale2He’s come as a bit of a shock given the track record of my 1st two kids. This one {known around these parts as Sharkie} seems to need new clothes AND shoes every few months or so. No joke. Before he even gets to wear his items out, he’s outgrown them. He’s a bit of a clothes hound {also, very different from my 1st two} and definitely has opinions about what he’d like to wear.  Given that he outgrows his clothes so quickly it’s extremely important that I find clothes at great prices.

Great kids styles at great prices?  Yup.  A tall order, indeed. Yet, time and time again, Sharkie and I find that Old Navy fits the bill.

As part of a promotion, I was sent shopping with $75 toOld Navy’s Kids and Baby Sale. So. Fun.

Sharkie was beside himself excited to be the beneficiary of such an amazing opportunity.  He didn’t shop with me, but his big sister did.  Old Navy is ALWAYS such a fun shopping experience.  There were plenty of items to choose from that I knew would be right up his ‘fashion sense alley’ AND we had absolutely no trouble finding his size in everything we wanted.

Is the suspense killing you?? What did we get with our $75? Feast your eyes….

old navy kids saleYes. All that. A long sleeved tee, a short sleeved tee, a great button down, boot cut jeans, athletic pants, gym shorts, and skater sneaks. I know, right?! So. Much. Stuff. But, the big question is: was my little clothes hound pleased with what Mama Picked??

old navy kids sale collageTo say that the little guy was pleased, would be an absolute understatement. He was beside himself. He couldn’t wait for me to finish the pictures so he could take his Old Navy loot up to his bedroom. Yeah. He likes clothes A. Lot.

old navy kids sale3

Old Navy has always been, and will continue to be one of our very favorite companies to shop for our kids at great prices. The Old Navy Kids and Baby Sale is  going on through the 20th, so if any of your tribe currently has a clothing need, now is seriously the time.

How about you? What are {or WERE if your kids are grown} your tricks for getting your kids styled affordably?

XO, Sara
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Christina P says:

    So far I am loving Target but we have yet to hit the kids side of the store for clothing still in baby/toddler land. My oldest grew fast and doesn’t wear out a thing which is especially good for me as it seems #2 is growing slow and finally wearing out his older brother’s hand me downs HA! So I guess that is my solution, 1 outfit for 2 kids ;). But seriously we are buying 3T/4T clothing for my 2 year old, what is up with that?! I like Old Navy too just not there as often, I think Target happens more as I go there for everything not just clothes.

  2. Old Navy is a great place to buy for kids. My big trick was to buy shoes clearance in sizes bigger than the kids wore. We had a closet full of shoes and when they outgrew we went “shopping” in the closet. Thrift stores were always fun too. Maybe Poppy got her sense of style from all the bridesmaid gowns she had to play dress up in.

    • I definitely used to stock up in bigger sizes on clearance, but I kind of got away from it somehow. It was always the best to have a trunk of next size up stuff just waiting in the wings.

  3. Sis—Love that he is such a fashion plate—such a handsome model—-great clothes

    • He IS such a fashion plate, but the irony is not lost on me that he mostly likes to wear his pajamas day in and day out………such a character

  4. What a cutie he is! And so fashionable! I remember when my kids started asserting their own styles. My youngest has many more opinions than his older brother did at this age…and his style is similar to some of the choices you made. In fact, we got his first “big boy” khakis at Old Navy. I hadn’t been in there for some time. It was getting hard to find a pair of “nice” pants that weren’t too short.

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