Coral Crush Color Collection

I have ALWAYS been a fan of coral. Growing up, my bedroom had coral wallpaper with teal accent woodwork. To this day, I’ve really never gotten enough of that color combination. Coral is cropping up again this spring. Pantone is calling it nectarine, but whatever name you call it, its beauty is undeniable……

coral collection collageOne~Coral fabric napkins by theHipHostess on etsy

Two~Beaded rose bracelet by J.Crew

Three~Coral ruffle bib necklace by mojospastyle on etsy

Four~Coral Hummingbird tote by Joom on etsy

Five~Polka dot legging skimmer in coral bells by GAP

Six~Coral stained wood bangle by vozcollective on etsy

Seven~Bridesmaid Wristlet clutch by PaperFlora on etsy

Eight~Coral linen ruffle necklace by prettiesbymeg on etsy

Love coral? Not so much? Do tell!

XO, Sara

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  1. Christina P says:

    ummmm love coral! I have actually even been rocking all winter by way of coral skinnies! paired with chocolate its a perfect fall combo but I can’t wait to lighten it up for Spring

  2. Coral is one of my colors. I’m an autumn. This looks great with moss or olive green, my favorite. I love these collections of yours.

  3. I was so over coral after the pastel days of middle school. But now , I am starting to love it again! You always have the best finds!

  4. I have always loved the color Coral. We actually have a Coral Heart in our Shop.

  5. I too have a “Coral Crush!” It’s such a fresh color and so flattering on everyone! Great collection, Sara. Especially loving that wristlet from Paper Flora. So kind of you to include my napkins. Thanks a bunch~

  6. Not a fan. Probably because I know it’s not a flattering color on me. Bleh.

    • Really??? THAT bad that you needed to add “bleh”??? You’re too much.
      And I bet we could find you a coral accent that would look good on you………..See…’re NOT a hopeless color case after all 🙂

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