Beautiful Handmade Felt Flower Jewelry by akaCinders

To say that this artist is special to me would be the understatement of the century. “Cinders” {as she is known here on the net} and I met almost 4 years ago now.  We became instant twitter friends.  A few months into our online friendship, we discovered that just months before we became acquainted, she had moved away from a town nearby to me.  We TOTALLY may have even been friends IRL {or, in real life} had we meant a little sooner. Locale aside, I genuinely consider her a friend.

aka cinders 8Beyond being the designer of some seriously pretty jewelry, I have found in Cinders a sweet, gentle, and loving  spirit and someone with the most generous of hearts. Her loveliness most definitely evidences itself in her work………

akaCINDERS collageA little of akaCinders story…….

After school at Cleveland Institute of Art – major: Industrial Design, minor: Graphics and Jewelry Metals  I designed residential lighting. I lost that work in the economic crash and needed to find another “job” and found Etsy.

THE SHOP NAME is a combination of Cinderella, and the Hans Christian Anderson Story “The Tinderbox”. I needed a name that described my love of recycling and reusing “lost” materials.

 I wanted my product to be jewelry from recycled material. I love gardening, so maybe I could recreate flowers, like little impressionistic paintings, not perfectly realistic but a representative of the flowers we love.

aka cinders 10I didn’t have room or money for metal equipment, so I looked at other materials. I found felt made of recycled soda bottles. I knew plastics could be shaped with heat so I developed flame sculpted felt. Later I found I could tint the felt. Now I can make just about any flower, any color.

My shop is at Artfire now, and in the process of moving to storenvy. I’ve tried to promote my flowers by saying they’re pretty and make you feel pretty wearing them. Maybe I need to remind buyers that they also help you loose weight AND remove wrinkles (jk).

Remove wrinkles and lose weight??????? Cinders had me a “pretty flowers” but now I’m DEFINITELY in!!!! 😀 Get to know Cinders and her gorgeous work.  You won’t be sorry……

You can find akaCinders all around the net:

FACEBOOK             TWITTER               BLOG              STORENVY             ARTFIRE 

**********AND through the end of February, Buy ONE in either of akaCinders’ shops {artfire or storenvy} and get one of equal or lesser value FREE!!! Just leave BOGO and your free selection at checkout.**********

XO, Sara

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  1. She is a lovely lady! I always love seeing her work!

  2. Cute designs!

  3. Thank You Sara. I feel the same way about you. You are a special friend, and I’m sorry we didn’t meet until after I moved from your neighborhood. Maybe someday we’ll meet eye to eye.

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