Red Letter Paper Company: Handmade Christian Cards with a Modern Edge

Handmade Christian Cards with a modern edge, anyone?

Yes, please.

Meet Stephanie, the lady behind this FAB handmade business.

RLPCo collage 2She’s wonderful, and talented, and we hardly need to look past the scripture in her shop banner:

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1Cor.10:31

to know we’ve stumbled upon something someONE special.





Stephanie on starting her shop:

I started RLPCo a little over two years ago after my husband and I could never find Christmas cards that had the right meaning AND the right look. (What IS it with Christian cards all looking like something my grandmother would pick out? Sorry, granny.) So I began writing and designing them, with hopes of sharing my faith and being a service to other people who wanted modern Christian cards. It’s expanded way beyond Christmas cards to greetings for virtually any occasion. Although I fully advocate sending a little note now and then for no reason at all.

RLPCo CollageStephanie’s loves:

Photoshop, Jesus, chocolate, HGTV and good grammar

One look through Stephanie’s irresistible paper products tells us that not only does she LOVE Photoshop, but  that she also has MAD design skills and a brilliant imagination for designing cards. Her products have the perfect balance of aptly chosen messages paired with clean, modern design.

RLPCo has cards for all occasions, but some of my very favorites are the ones that are perfect for Valentine’s day. This, I think,  is my absolute fave:

rlpco3Get 10% off at RLPCo with the code TWILLY10 through the end of February!!

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I don’t know about you, but RLPCo totally makes me want to send some snail mail…….

XO, Sara

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  1. Love the crisp, bold, and simple way her cards look. love them!

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