Notes From My Cyber Break

Where have I BEEN {???}, some of you may have been wondering…..

I’ve been on my annual social media/cyberspace/all computer related things hiatus……almost two full weeks of no things cyberspace.  I willingly confess: it’s been wonderful. And this year more than ever before, I’m left wondering………how do I EVER fit it all in.  The past two weeks have been full of extra God time, extra kid cuddles, and the beginning of tackling a brand new {and a little scary] project  endeavor  thing. The past two weeks have been PLENTY full. In fact, they’ve been a what you might even call “better”  full.

And so, I’ve been putting it off. I’ve been procrastinating turning my computer back on because life has been simpler, more meaningful, peaceful, AND restful.  This year’s “cyber break” has given me much to think about.  I feel there will be change coming as far as Twillypop. I’m making no big announcements, and no immediate grandiose changes. But, as I prayerfully consider this blog and my time spent online, I think you’re going to see things changing subtly and for the better. I’m hoping for this blog to, slowly but surely, be less  how I think it should be and more of how God would like for it to be for His purposes and His glory.

Yes, MORE change. But, now I get it like never before, life lived well is all about change. It really and truly is. That’s something  I’m learning not only to accept, but to embrace.

changeSo, for now, I’m excited. I’m refreshed. I’m looking forward to all that lies ahead in the coming year. I’m excited to share with you this new “thing” that has me scared {you know, the one I referenced in this post, but then completely chickened out on talking about. Yeah, that one} I’m excited to be back with you because for all the many things that I DIDN’T miss during my time away, you all are  seriously the one thing I DID miss.

I’d love to hear all about your past couple of weeks. Anything at all you want to share. Big or little. I’m dying to know what you’ve been up to!

XO, Sara

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  1. Oh boy have you missed… whining about sick kids, too many parties, blah, blah blah…..:) Great for you for unplugging! My life has been recovering since the holidays. So many things to celebrate which brings the family together (but also can be a bit tiring.) We visited my son who turned 21 and had a fun dinner out and then bought him some “funky” clothes to jazz up his performance wardrobe a bit. I’m still trying to find my routine. Today – lots of snow, so we hope to get out and sled or ski!

  2. Christina P says:

    Hmmmmmm last few weeks I have randomly decided to re-do my craft room and by re-do I mean move it from upstairs to downstairs and actually set up AND organize! Crazy I know.
    O I have also tackled crocheting up some adorable amigurumi and working on making patterns which is crazy in itself as I only recently re-learned how to crochet.
    The baby got his first two teeth! That was exciting and one horrible horrible week. The toddler has recently become a mama’s boy and I am loving every minute of it. And we kicked the dog off our bed so hubs and I could snuggle a bit more 🙂
    I think that about sums up my last 2 weeks

  3. The last 2 weeks since the holidays has been fun, peaceful at times and exciting. Have been working on a side project which I’m not sure will be in our Etsy shop. Not yarn related. Hubby and I finished tearing out the carpet in both bathrooms…yuk…after 32 yrs it was time and he tiled both of them. OMgosh, what a difference. I love it but getting used to the colder tootsies in the morning. Going to have to buy slippers. I love walking in the bathrooms and not believing my eyes. It’s worth a trip to the potty! Back to working on our Beth Moore “David” study with my ladies and loving it. Going to see Beth in April in Eugene, OR! My sis and I are going to have a fun weekend together. So glad you’re back! Can’t wait to hear about your new project! Hugs

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