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I’m not really one for new year resolutions. I don’t usually make them because  I kinda feel that if some part of my lifestyle needs tweaking, I don’t typically wait for the new year to decide to do it.  My lifestyle needs fine tuning at ALL times of the year!   Having said that, this year I  HAVE  thought of one…….

Typically winter is NOT a good time for me. Heaviness settles on me.  Everything seems like so much more work in the winter, in the snow, in the cold….I start to feel less like doing things, and more like sitting on the couch……..eating.   It’s subtle, and creeps in slowly………. a missed workout here , deciding to ‘stay in’ instead of ‘go out’ there, perpetual sweatpants in lieu of getting dressed………you get the picture. Winter does nothing good for me.  I move less and eat more thereby gaining weight,  which makes me want to move even less.

By February, I usually find that my “winter slump” is at its peak, and is threatening to cross the line into depression.

via Flickr

via Flickr

This year I’ve decided to be  more proactive in my approach to winter.

Actually, my kids have inspired me.  I’m taking my cue from them…..

snow 020a….because, from the very moment the snow started to fall here a couple of weeks ago, they’ve been outside to play at LEAST once a day, usually 2-3 times….

snow 011aI watched as playing outdoors has improved their mood……….

snow 013a

I noticed their rosy cheeks & healthy glow………

snow 016a

AND how playing outdoors  radically changed the ease with which they fall asleep at night……….

So, I’ve resolved to make the most of winter this year.

I’ve resolved to get myself {and my kids} outdoors as much as possible…..for for shoveling, playing, walking, sledding…..whatever excuse I can use to be outdoors, I’ll use.  We’ve already started. We walked around town, scaling snowbanks during both of the recent snow falls. I realized, as I was out traipsing through the snow, that I really do enjoy a winter walk.  I love the crisp winter air, and I especially love how energized I feel afterward.  It’s just the ‘making myself get bundled up and out the door’ that trips me up.

There you have it. That’s my resolution: Make the most of winter, be proactive in not letting it ‘get to me’, and stay active and off the couch as much as possible.

Have you made any resolutions? Big or little, I’d love to hear.

XO, Sara

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  1. Sara, you speak to my heart! Winter in NE OH can also be quite dreary and depressing. We have one of the highest # of days with cloud cover and little sunshine. Getting outdoors is a big help. It’s so invigorating. That is why my husband builds an ice rink. Last year, sadly, it never froze. But it’s frozen and we are going to skate this weekend (before it melts.) I also want to find some type of good hiking boots/shoes so I can walk trails. I managed to go downhill skiing the other day, but I think my favorite is cross-country skiing. We have some wonderful parks to ski in. All that said, getting outdoors really does wonders. I’m with you!

    • I absolutely LOVE that your husband makes a rink! We used to have a pond when I was a girl, and skating is one of my fave childhood memories! Though, I confess I’ve only been on skates once in the past 20 something years and it felt pretty scary :-/

  2. I like your attitude. I get that February “so sick of winter” bug every year. You are so right, when you live in the North Country you have to embrace the beauty of Winter Season.

  3. I dislike making New Year’s resolutions because I don’t remember them. However, I’ve picked a word for 2013 via http://www.gussysews.com/ and the big word is EXPECT. I feel that this is my New Year’s resolution in the form of one little word. Not only does God expect from me but I also expect from Him. I know this is a blanket statement but there’s so much behind it that I truly find peace within me just saying it. I’m seriously thinking of doing a post on http://www.shopladylike.net/blog! OMGoodness…did I really say that?!
    Winter is a tough time to get out in the bad weather. You have encouraged me to put on those walkin’ shoes and start walkin’!
    Have a great weekend Sara!

    • I LOVE your word of the year. I think that expect is absolutely perfect! If you decided to post, I would love to read!!

  4. Love those rosy cheeks! I wanna be 10 in snowpants and outside making snow forts.

  5. Right?! Winter does the same to me. And I have been trying to do the same! Husband, pup, and I started Geocaching! A great way to get me out of the house. Unless it’s raining… Then, screw you wetness. lol

  6. What great pictures. Yes we here in the Cleveland Snowbelt need to get out and have more fun too. Not sure I want to sled, although we have a great hill, Where I live it’s even difficult to walk. I plan to as soon as the roads get a little better.

    I’m with you as for resolutions. I prefer to keep a constant eye on my flaws and work them out as I go. New Years resolutions never seem to work for anyone. This year though, I’ve noticed I’m not watching my sodium or exercising as much. I need to be a bit more mindful, and the resolution of others has reminded me of that. That and the swelling hands and achy hips.

    Lack of sun is always a problem here in the winter. I stick out my face and pop D3s as much as possible.

  7. Good for you!! It’s so much harder without kids and without a real “neighborhood” (I live on a main highway between a hotel & gas station) BUT I am also going to figure out how to move more this winter.

    Maybe I’ll babysit someone’s kids and take them out to play. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Living on a highway DOES make it difficult! It is such a challenge to keep active in the winter. Best of luck to you, Paula!

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