Stocking Stuffers Are My Favorite: Practical Yet Fun Stocking Stuffer Ideas


Stocking stuffers are my favorite.

My mom….er ummm… I  mean SANTA always did an amazing job making sure my stocking was stuffed full of little surprises and treasures.  It was, quite literally, my favorite part of Christmas morning. Now that I’m a mom, it’s the most fun in the world to fill my kids’ stockings with all sorts of fun treats.  We have giant crocheted stockings that REALLY stretch, so it’s always a challenge to fill it with treasures and fun without buying  junk.  While trinkets can be fun,  over the years I’ve learned  how to make it fun and special, without filling it with made-in-china-crap items that will become but a pile of rubble within a week.

Here are some of my {practical, yet fun} stocking stuffer staples:

  • If you have kids, you know what a commodity band aids can be. For household use, I usually stock to the plain flesh colored bandages, but for stockings I treat my kids to some character band aids.  Though a bit pricier than the flesh ones, they are fun and will definitely serve a purpose beyond Christmas day. Win-Win.
  • My kids always have chapped lips. Each year I treat them to special lip balm from an etsy shop. 2 out of 3 of my kids still have their ‘Unicorn Farts’ lip balm from last year and use it before bed each evening. {hey….2 out of 3 ain’t bad}
  • ‘Handmade’ marshmallows have become a stocking staple for my kids AND my husband.  I have no interest in them having loads of candy leftover from Christmas but they all LOVE homemade marshmallows and it’s always fun to see how they ration and relish their one dozen marshmallows.
  • Every kid needs pencils. What could be more fun than splurging on some super fun pencils for their stocking? Last year I gave them ‘dead wrestler pencils’, but this year I think I have my eye on these washi paper ones.  Useful and fun.
  • also, I love getting them fruity handmade soap for their stockings.  Usually, between my husband and kids, we end up with enough soap for our household for the entire year.
  • another thing that has been a HUGE hit, is filling their stockings with food I won’t normally buy. My kids love Nutella To Go cups but sheesh, too expensive for a weekly grocery budget. I add them to their stockings, as well as small packs of some of their favorite MSG filled junk snack foods that ordinarily never make it into my shopping cart.
  • Character toothbrushes and their own tube of yum toothpaste also usually make the cut {and also helps keep us supplied for months to come}

I could probably go on all day because stocking stuffers are my favorite.  Really. My etsy favorites is just full of stocking stuffer ideas because I love them. Oh……..did I already say that??  Well, it certainly bears repeating.

Just some of the fun stuff I’ve had my eye on……

  1. Holiday lip balm set from aquablossom
  2. Inspirational quote cards from PenandPaint
  3. Tiny silver square earrings from StudioJewel
  4. Rainbow ‘Have a Groovy day’ soap from asliceofdelight
  5. Mod Circle earrings from HavokDesigns
  6. Small Earrings by AmyTavernJewelry
  7. Crocheted Heart Headband by ShopLadyLike
  8. Marshmallow Sampler Pack by WhimsyandSpice

I hope you’ve discovered some new ideas!  Are you at all like me? Love stuffing the stocking, or is that part of Christmas that takes a back seat? Have any practical stocking stuffer ideas to share with us?? PLEASE, do tell!

XO, Sara

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  1. Sara, I love your ideas! We are on the exact same page when it comes to stuffing stockings! I always include fun band-aids, Chapstick, and little chocolate treats I don’t normally splurge on. Love your Nutella cups to go idea! Last year, I included bundles of cute striped straws found on Etsy! It was a fun new addition!
    Hope you are doing well!

  2. Stocking stuffers are so much fun to hunt for. I love these little finds!
    I will always have a place in my heart for lip balm sets:)

  3. I just bought some chocolate “coal” last night to start stuffing the stockings with. The classic memory for me is, “Why does Santa have price tags on the stuff he left me in my stocking…?” Never did get an answer to that one…..

    Just another reason, I’m twisted. 😉

  4. hmmmmm you think the 2 year old will notice if Santa forgot about stockings this year eek! Looks like I need to go on the hunt for some little things, or maybe he will get some of the Gnarly Whale lip balm I got as he did just spend the entire morning re-applying my blue hello kitty lip balm (at least he choose blue).

    • I’m not sure I did much when they were only 2. Maybe just a couple of items for them to fish out of the stocking 🙂

      BTW, SO cute with the blue chapstick!!

  5. oh, my are these all adorable! I completely agree with you guys, too! I LOVED my stocking stuffer gifts growing up 🙂 we didn’t have a lot of money to get a lot of gifts, but my mom always made sure that our stocking were over-stuffed with lots of little goodies to last throughout the year! thanks so much for including my earrings in this fabulous feature, Sara! you are the best 🙂

  6. love your ideas. LOVE! thanks for including my earrings 🙂

  7. Great Ideas!

  8. Elizabeth Abadie says:

    I want you to adopt me. Handmade Marshmallows???? I need to look into this right away. I found a good one–not nearly as good as marshmallows–but it’s become a joke at my house. My husband is STILL complaining about losing his keys months ago–he’s getting a key return tag in his stocking…I got it here:

  9. Stockings! It wouldn’t be the same without them. As we got older, these were the gifts we were allowed to open before my parents got out of bed. It gave us something to appease our Christmas morning gimmethegifts anxiousness, and my parents a few more minutes of sleep. Now, it is the same with my kids. I love purchasing stocking stuffers! Some that are expected every year are bath scrubbies, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and of course candy. This year they are getting flashlights, gum (a treat since they are mostly still small), glow necklaces, coloring books and new crayons. I know there will be other things too…probably nail polish for E…and hot wheels for the boys. They’re probably made in China…

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