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Today, once again, I get to introduce you to someone wonderful. Someone whose work I first found through Pinterest,  but because some NINNY one had removed her watermark and uploaded the pic themselves, I didn’t know whose work it actually was. Thanks to a twitter friend who knew this artist’s work {who pointed out my error in repinning said sourceless pin,} I found my way to Lindsay’s shop.

THIS is the beautiful print that’s flying around the net {pinterest} with no watermark and no source:



And HERE is a post on why it matters so much and how you can help Lindsay get credit where credit is most definitely due.  I know I digress, but this time I actually meant to.  I think that Lindsay’s work is beautiful, and as a person who is actually guilty of having repinned this pin, I feel that this is  important. Plus, it’s kinda how our relationship began………

Now for the fun part!

Meet Lindsay


Lindsay is a busy mama of two silly little boys.  She’s a very southern girl with a sensitive heart and a little bit of sarcasm on the side.  Lindsay likes to draw and paint things to encourage others and make them smile.  She’s learning to share her faith through her work and hopes to inspire others to do small things with great love. Her shop, Pen & Paint, is full of happy, handmade artwork and paper goods that are SURE to strike your fancy.

There is just something about the combination of Lindsay’s drawings,  color schemes, and choice of quotes & encouraging words that completely draws me in. My etsy shopping cart has been FULL of all sorts of items from her shop ever since I discovered it. I want one of each print in every room in my home. For real and for true. My current absolute FAVE {if I had to choose just one} would be this:


……but ALL of  this is all pretty wonderful, too…….

P&P feature  collage

 Inspirational Quote Note cards     Scallops Note Cards     Camera folded note cards     Arrow hello mini cards

Comparison Print     Her Plans Print    Be Still print

I dare you not to shop. Seriously.  Her work is beautiful, and as a customer I can tell you that the quality of both her note cards and art prints is absolutely second  to none.  Also? Use the code HELLO15 through the end of December for 15% off. Seriously, go now and shop.

Find Lindsay:


XO, Sara

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