These 20 Things Are Perfect……

Sometimes, I just think certain little things in life are perfect.  Not “perfect” in that they are without flaw, but “perfect”  in that they are ‘lacking in no essential detail.’

Just small things……


details and nuances of people, places, and things,



everyday things that  bring me pleasure, that my human nature could easily take for granted and overlook. Perfect things that make me stop and delight . Perfect things that are perfect just because they are.

Today, on the eve of Thanksgiving,  a list of things that simply make me think, “that’s perfect.”

 ~This one’s eyebrows. They just make me happy. His eyebrows are so bushy………..and  perfect.


~This one’s freckles. I look at them and I think of His creator, perfecting him down to the very last detail, dotting him with freckles until He had him absolutely just the way He wanted Him. Perfect.

 ~This one’s sweet chin. It’s my chin. And though I would tell you I hate my chin, it’s perfection on her.

~Napoleon Dynamite is perfect.  Every time I watch it, I can’t help but think that every nuance, every expression, every bit of angst is absolutely perfect. Also, I think that Napoleon himself is loyal, noble, and true {but that’s another post for another day}

~It’s perfect that our home is full of laughter and tomfoolery.  Our HOME isn’t perfect, but when I see the delight in my kids’ faces as my husband and I tease each other, laugh together, and otherwise  be goofy, I can’t help but think, “this is perfect.”

~Watching my kids and my grandma playing together. Perfection.

~When I see my daughter {even still at age 12} absolutely nuzzle into her daddy’s love and cuddles. And her facial expression. And her contentedness. And her just plain knowing that she is loved and adored no matter what. Perfect.

~Sunrises and sunsets. All different and each one perfect.

~When I’m at the gym, and I’m sweaty & tired, and the weights are clanking all around me and men are grunting in the background, sometimes I will just sink back into the corner, taking it all in, and think: This is perfect.

~Morning runs as the sun rises are perfect.

~Spaghetti dinners and warm chocolate chip cookies are perfect.

~Finding my kids just plain loving each other is the MOST perfect.

~Bed Head. Bed Head is VERY perfect.

~Giant cups of coffee.

~playing music really loud and singing at the top of my lungs. Perfect {at least for me. I can’t speak for those around me :D}

~also, my own personal,  bust- a-move,  Saturday night dance party in the kitchen, most likely while wearing my apron & cooking dinner {MUCH to my kids’ dismay, shock, and embarrassment}


~the scent of newborn babies’  breath.

~knowing exactly what my husband is going to do or say because I know him way better than he knows himself. Perfect on so many levels.

~Having a mom and sisters to laugh and cry with. Absolutely perfect. {Baby brothers and dads are perfect, too.}

There are more. I think I could probably go on for days.  The point is that there are LOTS of good things in my life and for that I am thankful.

What thing do you think is ‘just perfect’?  I  would love to hear one…..or 3….or more.

But, seriously; Happy Thanksgiving

XO, Sara

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  1. BFF’s hearts are pretty perfect too. 🙂

  2. Tears sis, cause these things are perfect. As I read these things, I knew them, each one I knew you would say. I love knowing you dear sister and friend, perfect gift from God. Too sappy you say? I knew you would say that (cyberhug). 😉

  3. Dann says, ” no mention of brother- in- laws I see”!

    • Even though I was tempted to include the photo of Dann from the night he gave me those glamor shots, he just didn’t make the cut.

      I’ll say it here: brother-in-laws who are not too proud to do just about anything {including but not limited to posing provocatively in his wife’s shirt} or a laugh are perfect.

  4. My 2 year old’s eyes, they can just be so big and loving PERFECT.
    My 4 month old’s laugh, sometimes he is a squeaky toy and then its even more PERFECT.
    My boys getting to know their grandparents, despite the 20+ hour drive PERFECT.
    Rice Milk Chai Tea Latte’s are PERFECT as are Starbucks Via packets so I can make them almond milk.
    My husband doing ALL the diaper changes when he is home is beyond PERFECT.

  5. Perfectly stated! Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow and everyday!
    Hugs, Diana

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