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Have you HEARD about Shop Lady Like?? If you’re a regular reader here, there is a really good chance that you have……….. because I’m sorta smitten.

When I opened my package from Shop Lady Like, I was immediately struck by the softness, intricate detail,  and  beauty of their products. The headbands they sent to me were, and I’ll tell you exactly how I said it to my bestie,  “Beyond beautiful. Just SO lovely”   The care with which Shop Lady Like’s lovely items are made was evident the very moment I laid eyes on them. For real and for true.

Meet Diana and Kristy, the lovely Mother and daughter team behind Shop Lady Like:

LADY LIKE is a Mother and Daughter venture that we launched back in 2009.  We love to refer to us as “The Ladies”. We both had a love for the rekindle “vintage” styles of the 1920’s and ’30s when women proudly showed off their fancy accessories.  I think wearing our headbands or cowls makes you feel Lady Like.

We are a unique combo of talents.  I’m Diana and create the patterns by knitting, crocheting and sewing our creations for our shop.  I love to take needles or hook in hand, grab a skein of yarn and let my fingers design something new.  Kristy, a professional photographer and blog designer, is the dreamer/designer of our color palettes, innovative pattern ideas and coordinator of “everything Lady Like” on line.  Kristy gives our products that special touch of class and brings the item to life.  We love shopping for high quality yarn and don’t ask me about our many hours of squishing fibers and the ooohs and aaahs of picking out new textures and colors.  Let’s just say it’s a blast!

What a team!  Now, can we PLEASE talk about the beauty & originality of their designs and the AMAZING photography??

Each time I go through Diana and Kristy’s shop and think I’ve settled on a favorite, I find something new to pine for! ………………See what I mean?!

Now I’ve gone and gotten you smitten, too.  Haven’t I?  That’s OK. Christmas is just around the bend, so surely it would be OK to treat yourself to a little something whilst adding gifts to your shopping cart………..
Find Shop Lady Like:     Shop      Facebook      Twitter      Blog
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XO, Sara
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  1. Really wonderful shop! New fan!

  2. Really pretty! I love that it’s a mother and daughter team. So neat!!! 🙂

  3. Great shop. Love the pretty ski headband. What a great way to keep warm beautifully.

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