10 Links on Friday

It’s so time for some links again. I have to say that these are some of my favorite posts to put together.  I love pointing you to all the fun stuff I find around the web. SOME good should come from all the time I spend in cyberspace, don’t you think?  Grab a mug of your steamy, hot beverage of choice, and get your clicking fingers ready.

via A Beautiful Mess

  1. How AMAZING would these orange candles be for a cozy Christmas-y evening in? Can you imagine the smell??
  2. SERIOUSLY KEEEE-OOOOOT {cute} blog freebies. And if you click around the site, you’ll find even more!
  3. Leave it to the lovelies at A Beautiful Mess for great ideas: 10 ways to make a Garland
  4. This looks like a super fun stitch-Y idea to make some really special Christmas cards AND a fun way to keep my fingers busy during all of those Hallmark Christmas movies.
  5. I wish, wish, wish I had known about these when my kids were small and could make one for every relative on our Christmas list. SO easy and the possibilities are endless!
  6. This is a FANTASTIC list of  $25 handmade gifts under $5. Really. Some of them I would like to make for ME.
  7. And THESE! Candy necklace craft favor idea with some of the cutest free printable labels EVER.
  8. CLEVER idea for gifts wrapped to  have a chalkboard look to them.
  9. If you haven’t checked out Anna’s gift guide yet, you’re completely missing out. Seriously. Bookmark and save for later if you have to. I’m pretty sure that my jaw dropped at the utter beauty of every page.
  10. Last but for sure not even close to least, I have been meaning to tell you about this food photography eBook  from  Pinch of Yum for a while now.  Not only is it affordable and FULL of easy to apply knowledge, but the book tells EXACTLY what settings to use on my camera for amazing food photos, which is great because I’m sort of a camera dummy.  I HIGHLY recommend.

That’s that. Hope you click ’em, hope you love ’em, hope there are some you can use.

Tidbits that may be of interest:

  • This is the last weekend to shop twillypop for the holidays {and a LONG LONG time yet to come. This week has been a brilliant reminder of many of the reasons I decided to close Twillypop}
  • I’m offering a free bracelet from now until I close with any $50 order.
  • Cookie week is almost here! It begins Wednesday December 11th and will run until the following Wednesday.  I hope you mark you calenders and be sure to stop by every day that week for recipes, tips, wrapping suggestions and more.

Have a happy weekend. Tell me what you’re up to!  Christmas tree up yet? Shopping done or just begun? Soaking in those Hallmark Christmas movies?  I dunno…….I just feel like chatting.

XO, Sara


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  1. Let me tell you most of #6 made me giggle. I made a few of those items for gifts this year (as we did Christmas with the family over Thanksgiving). I went for a handmade Christmas this year and LOVED it and it seems most of my family did too! Only sad part was I ran out of time to take pics of most of my lovelies.
    *side note: I do have a modified version of the cowgirl cookies as at least my mason jars were too small for that specific recipe and I have made mine and they are DELISH! In case anyone tries and finds themself where I was on the first mason jar out of room and still more sugar and nuts to add.

  2. I bet your family would still like number 5 wrapped up as gifts. really cute! :O)

  3. A great way to spend my Saturday morning! Thanks for all the ideas!!!!

  4. I love the gifts under $5! What a list! I don’t know which was my favorites! Too many..Lots of great ideas!!!

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