October at a Glance

October was a good month. Nay, a great month, made even better by the fact that we are now moving into Thanksgiving season. {which, truth be told, really is my favorite holiday}  Here’ s a small recap of some of my best October moments, through the eyes of my Instagram.

This was the day, eating lunch, drinking my soda, when my daughter started laughing at me.  She took a little too much pleasure in pointing out that I was drinking it with the plastic six pack holder still attached as if that was a completely normal thing to do.  I guess I kind of knew it was there, but not really…….  I suppose that deep down I just fully knew that the hassle of trying to get it off without making my soda explode would be more trouble than it’ would be worth.

Cuddling my youngest on the couch one day, I had a fleeting moment of panic as I realized that any day he could be done with couch cuddles.  Somehow, someway, my babies have become kids. As much as I want to help them grow, there is a part of me that wants to cling on to every last bit of their dependence upon and need for me, ESPECIALLY in the affection area.

This one. This beautiful, kind, tender, thoughtful, empathetic, funny, loving one of mine turned 11.  And I can hardly believe it.

For 5 days in October, I got to do one of my most favorite things in the world: watch the sun rise over the Atlantic. I love dawn. I love that each day the sun rises over a brand new day…..a  mini “new beginning” for each of us, every day.  His Mercies ARE new every morning.

I literally had the vacation of a lifetime in October.  It was an amazing time of play and relaxation for just my kids and me. We were all extremely blessed.  AND it was the 1st vacation for them since they have all been big enough to play in the surf.  To say that we had fun in the surf would be a gross understatement.

This month I made a Twillypop necklace for the 1st time since closing my etsy shop. And it was REALLY fun to be “back in the saddle.” Really fun.

Out of the blue, for no special occasion, my mom surprised me with these amazing Sanita clog boots one morning. Beautiful and unexpected and so me…….a very great combination.

Last, but not least,even though Halloween is definitely not our thing, my kids and I do enjoy putting special treat bags together for some of the neighborhood kids who come knocking.  I love that even though my kids have never been trick or treating,  they quite delight in treating other kids.

That’s it!  What was your most favorite October moment?? You know I love to hear.

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  1. Couch cuddles are NEVER, ever allowed to stop. Discussion over! :O)

  2. wow! such lovely anecdotes from your October 🙂 you’re family and kids are awesome, and it is so great to see a mom so involved with her kids…looks like you all had a wonderful October! yay 🙂

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