Napkin Ring Swags by The Hip Hostess

There’s something you need to know about me. I wear an apron, almost all of the time.  Every day, as I start my chores, the first thing I do is strap on my apron. It is much loved and well worn. My kids have come to call it my “apron of motivation”  because it seems to be a great source of motivation for me to get going in the morning.  If I seem to be having a hard time starting my day, one of them will inevitably ask, “where’s your apron of motivation”?

True story.

My beloved “apron of motivation” is not just any apron. It is an apron designed and handmade by The Hip Hostess. I fell so in love with my apron that almost every female in my life whom I think would use one has one.  Yeah. To say that I am a fan of Hip Hostess aprons would not nearly be saying enough. They are beautifully designed and impeccably handmade. So much so that one just wasn’t enough for me…….

….As I placed an order for a second apron for ME last month, the lovely designer & seamstress behind all of this apron goodness offered to send me some of her brand new napkin ring swags to preview.  Debbie {aka The Hip Hostess} has completely outdone herself with these napkin rings.  The design {Debbie’s own}  is absolutely stunning, as is the skill with which they are made.  The pictures, as gorgeous as they are, don’t begin to do justice to just how completely lovely these would be sitting atop one of your holiday tables.

I can’t think of a more beautiful or thoughtful hostess gift to have on hand OR, as the holidays approach, Christmas present for the hippest hostess in your life.  If you order anytime from now until November 1st, use the code TWP20 at checkout for 20% off!!

Now for the really fun part………….Tomorrow Debbie will be  giving away a set of 8 napkin ring swags in the color of the winner’s choice here on twillypop!!!!  Be sure to stop by tomorrow to enter!!

The napkin swags are completely lovely, yes?? Are you like me, love an apron?? Or, is the whole concept of apron wearing completely foreign to you??  You know I love to hear from you…..

XO, Sara

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  1. Those napkin rings are lovely! One of the prettiest new things I have seen in a long time!
    I love aprons, too!

  2. Christina P says:

    ooooo aprons! I love aprons, you know how you know? It was what I begged hubs to buy me last year for Christmas! I will definitely be stopping by and browsing 🙂

    • I can’t recommend these aprons enough, Christina! I seriously wear mine every day! And did you see there’s a coupon code? 🙂

      • Christina P says:

        I did! I have one in my cart just sitting there for me to stare at until hubs gets home. Maybe that will be my thing an apron every Christmas 😉

  3. I’m not an apron wearer but these are gorgeous! The napkin swags are lovely too. Great feature on a beautiful store!!! :O)

  4. Your napkin ring swags are so elegant. I’d love them on my table! I do love aprons too. I make basic aprons for my family but nothing like the beautiful ones in your store. Every woman needs to look beautiful in the kitchen.

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