My Thoughts on Giving Something Away For Nothing

I mentioned on Friday that I had an idea, another RARE  moment of clarity.


I was very vague, because it was an idea that hadn’t yet come fully to fruition.  My last post may have even led some of you to believe that it was some fantastic, innovative, brilliant idea for growing my blog. If this is the case, I’m sorry to have mislead you.

It’s not an idea for blog growth, but an idea for how I can be who I want to be online.  An idea for where I want to put my time and energy. I don’t want to constantly be thinking about how I can get ahead here in cyberspace.  I find it exhausting, but something that I honestly sometimes have trouble escaping. Cyberspace is very much a “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” kind of place and sometimes it really gets to me. {I am not in any way saying that there aren’t lovely people who are lovely exceptions} It ESPECIALLY gets to me when I find that I get caught up in the same way of thinking.

This whole “idea” that I talked about on Friday started to come to me as I was thinking about selling sidebar ads. The time had come for me legitimately to charge for sidebar advertising. But, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that selling sidebar ads just wasn’t for me. I’m not at all convinced of the effectiveness of such ads and selling them would {for ME} not be ethical. I felt like I SHOULD because that’s just the way things are done and because it lends a sort of legitimacy to a blog, so I spent some time warring with myself over it…….

then the idea started to well up inside of me……..

What IF I used all of my experience in promoting my handmade business online, my social media platform, and my blog to help YOU promote your handmade business? What if I did  for YOU now what I would have been delighted  to have had  done for me and my handmade business when I had one? What if I put my time and energy into the same place as my heart? Now, there’s a thought. A thought that both delights and excites me so much more than spending time collecting money for sidebar ads. And what if I did it for free??

Yes. Now THAT is an idea that resonates with me…

….Helping you promote your handmade business/etsy shop for free. If you think it sounds too good to be true, I can assure you that it is…….but that’s God for you.

If you are interested to learn more, see my advertising page.

Do you ever feel like going with the flow, or “doing as the Roman’s do”  in a certain area that’s just not for you? I’d love to hear!

XO Sara

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  1. I love your idea Twillypop! You describe so well what the online world can often be. You have generously talked about my bag in the past and I am so grateful for that! (And I hope you know we are genuine fans of your product!)

    • I LOVE talking about my bag! In fact, it’s going in the laundry today to get ready for our SC family vacation next week! Your work is beautiful, Jane! XO

  2. Christina P says:

    I am speechless, this is truly amazing and generous of you! I can’t wait to discover new talent by way of your sidebar now 🙂

  3. You are a sweetie and God will bless your decision. :O)

  4. Thanks, angel pie honey bun.
    {that’s me, loving you :-D}

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