Fringe: Handmade Wearable Art

I was in a pout-rific mood today. I actually contemplated complaining about a few cyber space related grievances in the form of a blog post here for the very first time. Yeah, subversive and morose would best have described my mood today.  I was on the verge of said “complaint” post when I clicked a particular link on twitter from a person whose links I absolutely love. She’s an artist and she never ceases to amaze me with her creativity.

And so I said to myself, “Self, why not use your blogging super powers for good instead of evil today?”  and my self agreed.

So, instead of subversiveness, today we are talking fiber art beauty.

I mean it when I say that I am nothing short of delighted by this artist’s work.  In my book, her creativity and skill for creating handmade wearable art are unsurpassed. The lovely girl of whom I speak is the artist behind Fringe.

In her words,

Fringe is a crossroad of old & new, proper & defiant. Handmade wearable fiber art.

My love for yarn and design are intertwined. Together they weave a story that I then write with my knitting needles and crochet hooks.

*sigh* Even the way she speaks about her work is dreamy…….

Dying of suspense to see some of said crocheted & knitted masterpieces?

Cloudburst Brooch by fringe

Row 1~ El Grande Cowl  & The Postmistress Collar in Teal

Row 2~ Bobble-dee-Boop Trio & Slow Train Caplet  & Espresso Fringe Scarf

Row 3~ Postmistress Collar in Brown & Twist of Fate Cowl

Purple Heart Scarf Set

Stunning, right?  So much beauty and care, not only in the pieces, but in their titles and presentation as well. I love how she describes her work as “Proper and Defiant.” As I look at the pieces above that is EXACTLY the place in which they live…….partway between proper and defiant. Amazing.

Find her here: Shop    Blog    Twitter

The Cloudburst brooch and the Twist of Fate Cowl are two of my very favorite pieces. How about you?

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  1. This was just the right post for me to read today! Good for you to set your frustration aside and share someone’s beauty with us. It reaffirms that true artists share in each other’s uniqueness and creativity and don’t let the rampant imitation or poor imagination get us down. Loved this!

  2. Sara. Dear sweet Sara.

    This post has put me over the moon. I am so moved by your generous and kind spirit. Thank you so very much! I’m honored to be featured on your beautiful blog and with such a meaningful introduction. The way you turned your day around, taking the high road, speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. Your heart is pure gold.

    You make my heart sing!

  3. Lovely merchandise and photography. Thanks for sharing Sara.

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