ANOTHER Moment of Clarity

I know, right?! TWO moments of clarity for me within the span of 3 months?? WHAT is going on? I might very well become a decision maker yet.

You may remember my 1st moment of clarity at the beginning of August. It has proven to be every bit as good of a decision as I had hoped it would be. Really. I haven’t felt sorry about it for a moment.

This new moment of clarity began to take root Wednesday night.  I mentioned in my last post that I was feeling foul about some cyber space related things.  Sometimes, I look around at the way the cyberspace “game” is played and I just don’t want any part of it. I’ve always hated doing what everyone else is doing. Sometimes a detriment, sometimes a gift, I just HATE going with the flow.  Recently, in thinking about {and praying about} how to grow this blog, this part of my character has been coming to the surface more frequently. I just don’t want to do it how “they” say it’s done.  I’m not saying “they’re” wrong,  and I’m not saying I blame anyone for doing what needs to be done in order to succeed here in cyberspace.  I’m simply saying that it’s not me and the thought of putting my time into”playing along” makes me kind of miserable.

Which leads me to my newest moment of clarity. I’m  not ready to let you in on exactly what it is.  It’s an idea that began to well up in me on Wednesday night. The more I thought about it, the happier and more excited I became.  Could it work?  Is it crazy? How would I do it?  As I fell asleep thinking about it, and woke up the next morning thinking about it, it began to become more real and less crazy.

It’s me, this idea. It’s who I want to be here in cyberspace, successful or not. It’s where I would prefer to put my time and energies.

So, Thursday morning, this idea still bouncing around my mind,

I awoke as usual,

got my coffee as usual,

sat down with my bible as usual.

But then, not as much like usual, the very first few verses I read spoke precisely into EXACTLY what I had been thinking about for the past 12 hours. Confirmation. Confirmation that even though it may seem crazy, and not the path to success, this idea IS  the path for me.

Sorry for the vagueness.  Stay tuned in the coming week to find out of whence it is that I speak. I’m excited. WAY excited.

For now, as a teaser, I leave you with the verses that confirmed it all for me….

Exciting, right? And hopeful?

How about you? Does the cyberspace “game” ever get old for you?  Do you ever feel exhausted by the rat race of it all? Or, maybe you think I’m completely dramatic {you’d be right :-D}, you don’t really even know what I’m referring to when I talk about a cyberspace “game”,  and you have had nothing but fun & forward momentum in building your brand/business/blog online. Hit me with it, I can take it.

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  1. Twilly (sorry, sometimes that’s all I can call you…you’re kindof like “Twiggy”!). I am excited to see how you evolve. I totally understand where you are coming from. Most of the time I am thrilled and grateful to do what I do. Then there are times when doubt creeps in or I start comparing myself to others and think – “what am I doing???” But life can lead you on all kinds of journeys, as long as you are open to them. Sometimes I feel like my blog is a never-never land – yet I continue to write posts. Why? I really enjoy it. I like writing and sharing a bit about me. And just when I thought I was completely irrelevant and unread, along comes a sweet comment from a reader that somehow makes it worthwhile. Sometimes it’s hard to pull away from the computer, though and I struggle to find the right balance. In any event, I always enjoy reading your blog because it’s so you!

  2. Christina P says:

    Let me tell you Miss Twilly Pop I adore you and all that you do. I love that you are different and are true to yourself. You keep me coming over and over again. As a mama of two littles I find I only keep up with a few blogs at best, but I always click over to read your happy thoughts of the day. I appreciate your honesty, I am insanely jealous of your talents and most of all I cherish all the love that you put into what you do.

    • Thanks so much for what is easily one of the sweetest comments ever, Christina. You completely made my entire weekend. I SO appreciate you 🙂

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