A Big Thank You and a Happy Change

First, I just want to say how touched and humbled I have been by all of you in response to my announcement on Friday.  The support I have received via orders, tweets, emails, etsy convos, and Facebook & blog comments has truly been overwhelming {in the best, most heartwarming way possible.}  Thank you, thank you, thank you to each and every one of you.

For realsies.
Thank you.
I literally had the most relaxing and fun weekend that I have had in as long as I can remember.
So relaxed.
So refreshed.
So hopeful.
AND so excited to see what will come next.

fifiduvie on etsy

I really do feel like I am on a whole new adventure.  

With time to explore,
and appreciate,
and grow.

Time to breathe.

I’m excited for my blog and all that comes next.

…….which brings me to my next bit of news.

As we speak, my entire blog is being moved to WordPress.  It will look very much the same……..only better. I will forevermore be…..Twillypop Dot Com. 😀

I’m excited and apprehensive all at once.

I suppose that’s the very nature of an adventure, though. Isn’t it?


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