Week End Wrap Up {Top Ten & Noteworthy}

It’s the weekend already?!

This week’s Top Ten & Noteworthy

Power washing the children
{See #3}
  1. Monday, I talked a little about some bad habits that have crept into my life.
  2. On Monday, I was also taught the error of my ways in not keeping rubber bands on hand in the house. My mini-inventor 13 year old nephew, upon learning that I had NO rubber bands for his project, proceeded to give me a not-so-gentle reprimand and bullet list of all the important household uses of rubber bands. Needless to say, Imma get me some ASAP.
  3. Monday also, my husband asked the kids if they wanted to play out in the “hose”  I went out to the backyard a little while later to find him power washing my children. If a hose is good, then a power washer MUST be better, right?
  4. I found a new favorite flavor of Greek yogurt: Chobani Blood Orange. Must. Try
  5. Wednesday, I blogged about what I am going to form one new good habit this month in an attempt to live a better, healthier daily life.
  6. The {oh} Twilly stripe collection is LISTED in my shop.
  7. I blogged a DELISH recipe for you guys and shared a little of my inner monologue when I see mac salad at a BBQ.
  8. My age 7 son actually said these words to me,” I’m going up th-tairs {stairs with a lisp} to read for an hour.” *swoon*
  9. I developed a new blog crush.
  10. Last but not least, I posted an AMAZING new ‘Item of the Week’ Deal 

I hope you had a fantastic week!  Anything remarkable, funny, or otherwise noteworthy about your week to share with me? You know I love to hear from you!


P.S. DIANE ESTRELLA is the winner of the Marine Parents Giveaway! Congrats you lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky girl!! XO

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