How I’m Going to Live Better Today {Partner Up With Me}

Most of you have been with me long enough to know that I spent most of my life overweight.  The past decade has been a slow process of losing the weight through diet, exercise, and changing my lifestyle in many ways.  In fact, the more I think about it, the more I realize that the past decade has been all about changing my life, one habit at a time.  Gradually, I have done away with many of the habits that led me to almost 300 pounds and replaced them with new, good habits.  My daily, more healthy small lifestyle decisions over the past decade have led to a thinner, and more importantly, much healthier me.

Some small things I have had to get into the habit of:
~eating smaller portions
~skipping dessert and restaurants on weekdays
~using NONFAT half & half in my coffee {this may seem like a small thing, but I drink a fair amount of coffee and like it VERY light}
~not eating in the evening once dinner is done
~not eating bread or appetizers in restaurants {or eating much bread in my diet at all}

Admittedly, this would have been a daunting list had I tried to implement them all at once.  But, because it was a process of adding these habits one at a time, it was doable and they added up.

Which, brings me to my post from Monday about some bad habits I have developed. If you didn’t stop by on Monday, you may want to have a read.

It’s really easy to get off track with good habits, and it’s equally easy to develop some bad habits.

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One of our Pastors said something like this last Sunday in his message about wisdom:
Our future is the sum total of our daily decisions before God

I was struck by how absolutely true this is of every area of our lives. How we live today matters, whether it is our spiritual man or our physical man. ALL our actions {habits} have consequences.  What my life looks like today has much to do with the daily decisions I have made over the past decade{good and bad.} How healthy we are, the state of our marriages, our businesses/jobs, or our kids can all be positively or adversely effected by the decisions we make today.

And so, some bad habits have made their way into my daily routine.  There is nothing I can do about yesterday, but today, because I KNOW that getting off track is perfectly normal and perfectly human, I’ll just begin again to make better decisions and form better habits. 

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I’m wondering if YOU would like to partner with me?  Many of you have expressed the desire to live healthier lives and I thought to myself, “Self, wouldn’t it be amazing to start a new, healthy habit with my online friends and build a community around encouraging each other in living healthier lives daily?” {end of inner monologue}

What do you think? Start a new habit with me today? Or, end an old bad habit you know needs to go?  Maybe there is something you know you have been wanting to change but just haven’t implemented a plan. Let’s do it today. It doesn’t have to be about your health. It could be in your spiritual life, your marriage, in your business, at your job, or as a mom.

 I know that this is something that you may need time to think about. Bookmark this page, take time to think and even pray about it. Then come back and let us know.  Maybe something comes to mind right away because there is a change that you know you have needed to make, but just haven’t yet. Today is the day.  Leave a comment and let us know what small {doable} change you are going to make in the hopes that it will become a habit.

As for me, what will be my new habit??  Because my new bad habits ARE health related and stem from the fact that I’m just not taking the time to eat the right foods, my goal is this: I want to get into the habit of having more healthful meal choices at my fingertips. I am going to make the time to prepare the foods that I know I should be eating and have them ready and waiting for me in the fridge.

That’s it. I’ll be reporting back with my progress and asking YOU how you are coming along. Remember that forming a new habit is a process, and takes a bit of work. Don’t be discouraged if you fail a bit at first. Just get back on course.

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I can’t wait to partner with you on this new adventure of living better daily!

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