My Priceless Masterpiece

So often I look around my home and feel………underwhelmed. It’s warm, lived-in, welcoming, and cozy, but is not impressive on an aesthetic level…….at all.

Know what I mean?  The divide between how I would like it to look {see my ‘for the home’ pinterest board} and the actual decor is WIDE, to say the least.

There is very little artwork or decoration to even be found because, frankly,  I give up for now.  Someday, when my kids are grown and gone, when  lego creations are no longer hidden in every nook and cranny of the house, and the home school books, crayons, play-doh, and paintings have long been abandoned,  there will be time for decorating.

There is one piece of art that currently hangs in the living room. It’s value is beyond any price that could be named by man. 

It’s oil pastels on canvas, drawn by my husband and 3 kids one Saturday morning a few years ago while I was at  the gym.  

 My masterpiece
Each quadrant oil pasteled  by one of my 4 loves
Underwater scene by: Sharkbait
Space scene by: Noosh
Landscape and people by: Smoo
Mountains and lake by: Daddy

I love it for so many reasons………..

Because the people I love most on this earth made it.
Because it captures a moment in time, with a daddy and his three ‘chickens’
spending quality time, on a Saturday as they so often do, while mom gets a break.
Because it is a symbol of a daddy who is SO generous with his time, affection, imagination, and love.

Whenever I am tempted to grumble about something as silly and temporal as the lackluster decor of my home, I need only to look at this picture to be made immediately thankful, to the point of my heart feeling as though it may burst, as I realize that, for now, all is exactly as it should be.

To me, this oil pastel on canvas represents all my riches here on earth.  Riches that are beyond my wildest dreams.

And it’s priceless.


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