Favorite June Moments {Instagram Style}

Saying goodbye to June already?!

Here are some of my FAVE June moments as captured by me on Instagram.

June began with my beach vacation with bestie.  This picture was taken on our very first night of vacation.  Ah…..vacation.

 This was the view from our room on an exceptionally rainy day {which we had quite a lot of} SUCH a ‘vacation-y’ view!

….let the summer fun begin!! Rub-a-dub-dub, twilly’s 3 kids with water guns in a tub….. 

 Having SO much to do, yet not wanting to miss ANY of the summer sun, I “work” by the pool. SO thankful to do what I do…….

This day, even though my sons had the entire living room to themselves, I found them watching TV like this. Brothers. Love & cuddles.

A date night for my husband and me at the place I was a waitress when we were dating {15 years ago!}. He would come to see me, eat, and leave me exorbitant tips. *swoon* {over him, not the tips:D}

AND last but not least….
June finds me in the middle of designing a VERY fun mini collection of statement bracelets! I seriously have not been this excited about a new design like EVER!!  Coming soon…..

Those are some of my fave moments in an instagram nutshell.  Have a favorite June moment to share? Even if it was an everyday moment that you found beauty in, I would love to hear!!!


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