Birthday Girl {Forgetting My age}

You may have clicked on my post because you thought that it may possibly be one of those inspirational, ‘I’m feel so good, I forget my age’ or , ‘life is better than ever, so I don’t think about my age’ posts….. Although both of these sentiments are somewhat true for me, these are not what this post is about.

This post is a chance for me to peel off yet another layer of my crazy.

I forgot how old I am.


This is not a dramatization, or embellished in any way. I literally forgot how old I am.

Here’s the scenario:

Bestie and me, on vacation last week, watching a certain show about over privileged housewives.   I looked at one of the housewives and started to do the math to figure how many years it would be until I was as old as she is.  As I came to an answer in years, bestie did a double take, thinking maybe she had gone crazy, and said, “wait, what year were you born?”

You see, I was figuring that I was turning 38 and was counting from there.  Bestie, knowing that my birth year was 1975, was busy doing the math and redoing it. After all, she figured that I had to be right about my own age.


 I was not right.

I’m 37 today, not 38.  But, as sure as I sit here writing this blog post, I thought I was turning 38 and had been telling people {on more than one occasion} such.

I’m not entirely sure how or when I forgot my age.  The best that I can figure is that, being ever the glass half empty sort of girl, as soon as I turned 36 I started doing the “I’m almost 37” thing in my mind. And gradually, over the course of the past year, the “almost” part of it fell along the wayside to being just “I’m 37.” Then, as this birthday approached, I started the “I’m almost 38” thing .

I have just one question for you,


Apparently, I do.

I will say that it’s only 9 am and  it is LITERALLY already the best birthday ever! I feel like an extra year has been added to my life.

Doesn’t it make you feel happy just to know there are crazies like me even in existence?


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  1. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear beautiful Sara with a knockout smile
    Happy birthday to you!

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