A Summer Day at Auntie’s {Meet Topper}

I would like to expound on the fact that I referred to myself as a ‘country mouse.’  I was only thinking of things from the aspect of you’re either from a big city, or you’re not {which is me….NOT from a big city}  But, to be sure that you haven’t gotten the wrong picture of me, I need to tell you that I am a ‘townie.’  Meaning that, although I am from a very rural area, I live in town and I like it that way.

Growing up we had a pond, but salamanders and tadpoles are where my animal experience ends.  I am UNfarmgirl……….

……which, I was SURE would be passed on to my daughter.  But recently, my little 12 year old girl took an interest in goats.

She has been wanting a pet and her best friend {her cousin} was getting some goats.  My sister, ever the helpful one, threw out this statement one day, “Sophie can get a goat and it can live at our house with our goats.”  My initial reaction was ‘no’ , of course.   But the more I thought about it, the more I thought that maybe this was the solution to the pet dilemma.

My daughter researched goats, carefully deciding which breed she wanted {with the thought that someday she would show her goat at 4H shows}  I suppose it’s not ideal that she doesn’t actually have most of the burden of caring for the goat {we live 25 minutes away from said goat} but for now, it is what it is and we have weekly goat visits.

Meet Topper….

Isn’t she precious??
Yesterday I met Topper for the first time.  Ever the UNfarmgirl, I could be heard saying such things as, “Am I supposed touch the goat?”
I absolutely
love when my townie children visit Auntie Ab’s house and have little country adventures.  It’s amazing to me how naturally it comes to kids to enjoy all of the fun that nature has to offer, even if they are slightly out of their element.

My niece & daughter’s bestie
My girl and her goat
Apparently, the terrain was so rough hiking up the creek bed
that my youngest needed a walking stick
My age 10 son hunting for something fun with MUCH  “help”
from my nieces
summer berries
The fruits of his labor
Absolutely NO frogs were harmed. He was loved and let go

 I’m so thankful that my kids will have the most amazing memories of their adventures at Auntie Ab’s. I love watching them enjoy some of what I enjoyed as a child.  I love even more watching my daughter find out who she is, without any sway from her ‘townie’ mother. 🙂  XO


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