A Very Favorite Mom Moment

Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful moms!!
This post is a reblog from a couple of years ago, recounting what is still one of my favorite moments of being a Mother. {originally titled ‘blinking back tears}

My daughter is a thinker and sometimes she asks me questions……….

“Mommy, if God knows everything from beginning to end, why does He want us to pray?”

I’m driving and I glance at her and my two boys in the rearview mirror…..

It was one of those moments when I KNEW that I wanted to have scripture to quote, that I wanted to be more eloquent than ever, to stun them with my knowledge and hope they remember what an (inpressively :D) Godly mom they had…..

Lord, please help me say the right thing, what YOU would have them to know right now…….but here’s what came out:


‘Because He loves you more than you could ever imagine and even though He knows what you are going to pray for , say and do, He wants to be part of it. He wants a relatiopnship with you because He does….

(all THREE little faces watching me in the rearview mirror with rapt attention)

Imagine that He thought of YOU before the dawn of time.
He imagined you, every part of your being down to the smallest detail. Not only did He imagine you,
think of you,
think about you ….

He created you in the perfect time.

You are His work of art. You are a masterpiece, completed by the Master artist.

You are the “signature of the divine.”
Every part of you was known. Your amazing gifts and strengths are to use to bring Him glory with your life……

He’ll delight in you……..

the struggles, the flaws
those will be used to show you
His strength and
His love as
He uses them to draw you close…….

So, do you think He went to all of the trouble of fearfully and wonderfully creating you just to cut you loose?

Don’t you think He probably maintains an interest in His work of art?

He wants you to pray because what really is praying?

Just talking.

He just wants for you to talk with Him

to make Him part of your waking

your walking

your talking,

your sleeping

because He WANTS you. Loves you. Extravagantly. Hopelessly. Perfectly.

He knows you infinitely better than you will ever know yourself and

He loves you not because of anything you can do or say
because He does.

He loves you’


As I finished, with tears in my eyes I looked in the rearview mirror and was surprised to see my age 8 son, with tender heart, blinking back tears……….

I didn’t press him. I left him to look out his window and ponder. What was he pondering? 
I couldn’t help but wonder………
I think what pricked his heart about what I said was something that we are all seeking from birth to death……..
2 things, actually…
our heart’s longing to be loved. loved perfectly. warts and all.

our heart and mind’s longing to know that we are significant.

Praying today that you know how loved you are……


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  1. Your post is really inspiring, thanks for sharing it with us <3

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