The Trouble With Blogging {an outfit post}

a funny title for an outfit post, I know.

This post sort of typifies part of my troubles with blogging.

Yesterday, I was determined to take pics for an outfit post.

despite the fact that…..

~I was extremely bloated and cranky {you know what I’m talking about girls}

~It was really hot, so the minute I stepped out my door, I started to sweat.
and I don’t “glisten”……
I sweat.

 ~My feet were KILLING me AND the heels were digging into the grass.  I LITERALLY hobbled out to the yard and the photographer {age 12 daughter} kept saying
“you look like you’re going to fall over” ………the whole time…..over and over again…..
while I was sweating,
and falling over,
and trying to coach her in her photography……
and, did I mention there was crankiness and bloatedness involved?

~smiling was out of the question for this post. {see all of the above}

 This brings me to the point. So often I intend to blog. I have a picture of how the pics/post will go in my mind.  Then, when everything doesn’t go perfectly and lovely, I’m left without a post. Thus 2 1/2 years of spotty posting. {perfectionist much?}

But, I’m seeing now that my blog may not be one of the lovely ones. The identity of my blog may be entirely different. It may be a ‘let’s go see what this nut has going on today’  blog.

That’s fine with me.  I’ll be the first one to let my crazy hang out all over the place, ESPECIALLY if it can make you smile, and DOUBLE especially if some days you can identify with my lunacy.

This is what REALLY happens when this 30-something mom of three, with very little extra time to fiddle with such things as outfit posts tries to do one with her daughter as the photographer in 90 degree weather and hormones raging……

I only got ONE usable picture and it’s tough for me even to use it because I think my thighs and butt look larger than life, my outfit actually looks a little on the sloppy side, and my CANKLES……don’t even get me started.

But HEY, it’s real and it’s me….

I do think the bracelets look cute, no?
 Doesn’t it make you feel good just to know there are crazies like me even in existence??  Thoughts?
                         I love your comments! {{and now I can reply!!}}


P.S.  I was SO sidetracked by the  fiasco factor of it all, I almost forgot: Tank: J.CREW, Jeans: GAP,  Shoes: I forgot and frankly, I’m not getting up to look right now, and  Bracelets: my own & a twillypop.

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