Today I Say It All

My husband and I had a conversation a little while ago.  It was sparked by the Saturday Night Live Tim Tebow sketch.   Which, if you’re not familiar with it, poked fun at Tim Tebow for always giving credit to Jesus for everything.

My husband, playing devil’s advocate, posed a question to the effect of  ‘do you think that non Christians DO think it sounds a bit crazy? There are PLENTY of people who accomplish PLENTY of amazing things seemingly without God or Jesus.”

I paused. And I looked at him. And in the moment’s pause before I answered him, a hundred million thoughts went flying through my busy brain because this very topic is one that I have thought about.  My response to my husband went something like this,

Just because people don’t acknowledge God, doesn’t mean that their gifts, talents, opportunities, and the ability to use them all  don’t come from Him.  

I paused and looked at him.

And maybe Tim Tebow says what he can.  Maybe he doesn’t have the time or the opportunity to always say all that that he could, so he says what he can.  I get it. {and this is where the tears came, because honestly, never can I really talk about Jesus without the rawness of my emotions showing through}

I get it. I get what he means because

All that I am……

ALL THAT I AM as a woman, a wife, a mom, and whatever else that I am, I owe to Jesus.  I know who I was before and I know that any good that is in me now is because of Him and who He is making me for His glory.. 

I bring up this conversation with my husband to say:  Unlike Tim Tebow, if I can’t say it all I don’t say anything.

Today I will say it all.

Everything good that I am and anything good that I do I owe to Jesus.

Before I began a relationship with God through Jesus I was a MESS.

Hot. Mess.

depressed, with anger buried so deep within me it had become part of my identity, a chronic emotion stuffer, addicted to food, completely paralyzed by perfectionism, and I was a serious self loather…. I had no dreams, had no resources within me to accomplish anything including a higher education. I was such an emotional mess that I literally could not get out of my own way.

for real. this was me in a nutshell. FOR. REAL.

Living in the light of God’s love and knowing that Jesus gave His life so that I could have a new one has changed me moment by moment, day by day, from the inside out. For real and for true. I’m not finished, by any stretch of the imagination, but I am healing. And I’m starting to grab hold of all that He has planned for me.

He is the life in my life. The reason that I am alive. He is peace. He is joy. He is all.

So, if you come here and think I look “fit”, or are touched by a blog post, or know me from twitter and think I am “nice” or “sweet”,  or you think my jewelry is pretty, I’ll always say thank you……
but today I will also say,

I owe it all to Jesus. My marriage, my family, my blog, my business……

I owe it all to Jesus.

Without cliche, without pretense, with all the gratitude a heart could ever hold,

I owe my life to Jesus.



P.S. wondering about this relationship with Jesus about which I speak?  PLEASE feel free to email me anytime with questions or anything that is on your heart.

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