To Obesity and Back Again {Discouragements}

Who’s the crazy lady at 6am at the gym with her Nikon?
This was me just about 10 1/2 years ago. Definitely NOT at my biggest
but pictures of me at my biggest are practically nonexistent
{my weight was in the 260’s range here}
Still no thin mint, but healthy and fit and most likely able to identify
with you  in most or all of your weight struggles
let’s see…….if I turn to the side, my breeding hips don’t look quite so wide….. 😀

I would like to begin a conversation. 

Could we do that?

Some of you have been with me long enough to know about my weight struggles. You can read a little about my obesity and weight loss here. At one point in my life I did weigh almost 300 pounds.  It has taken me over 10 years to get from where I was to where I am.   It has been a process of growth, patience, learning, failing at times, and starting all over again. All with the end goal of being the very best version of me that I can be.

It is just lately that I have come to realize that I am passionate about encouraging other women in their fitness and weight loss goals. Like, passionate-brings-me-to-tears, PASSIONATE because I know how painful it was for me to be significantly overweight, and just how many areas of my life it effected.

Sometimes I see women just starting in the gym who have a significant amount of weight to lose. Almost always their body language and facial expressions read something like “this is miserable…I have too far to go…I don’t know where to start…it won’t be long before I fail.”  And then, I will notice that a few weeks later, maybe a month, I don’t see them anymore.  EVERY time I see one of these women, I am desperate to come alongside her and tell her,

you CAN do this. It WILL be hard. It WILL take time. You MAY fail at times. But in the end, it will be worth it and it will change your life”  

Of course, these Hallmark movie moments never actually happen {just in my vivid imagination}But,  I DO  make sure to smile at them, and if I notice that they need help using equipment, I will offer to help.

This brings me to the conversation part……

It OBVIOUSLY has not taken me over a decade to get where I am because I have done everything correctly.  There have definitely been many failures, setbacks, and discouragements.

Today I would like to talk about discouragements.

One of the things that has discouraged me the most in my pursuit of getting fit {and still even now threatens to discourage me at times} is comparison. A times, comparison has discouraged me to the point of wanting to give up, give in, and live the old way.

Comparing my self to images in the media.
Comparing myself and my body to other women.
Comparing myself to the vision of myself in my head of how I SHOULD look, considering how hard I work.

Do you have weight struggles?  Do you find that there are definite things in you or your life that discourage you from moving forward for good?  What is your biggest discouragement?  I would love to hear about YOU.  {if it is uncomfortable for you to leave personal information in a blog comment, you are always welcome to email me.  Even if you just need to vent, or have any questions, I’m just a click away. XO}



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  1. You lool amazingly fit! I love your arms and how toned your thighs are. I keep going on this cycle where I lose weight then three years later gain it back. At my lowest I was 140 and my highest was 270. I have a poor perception and self esteem. I only lost weight because the people in my life at that time bullied me and would pull at my fat and even when I lost weight they would tug at what ever piece of fat they could find. Some friends right….anyway I endd up developing and eating disorder dropped a huge amount of weight in just 5 months and still didn’t like myself. Now im struggling to los weight again. But this time its for me.

  2. Dearest Sara,
    You’re one of my go-to inspirations when the going gets tough on my winding road to fitness. Seeing how far you’ve come (and how super hot you are) is incredibly encouraging. <3 u girl!

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