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Stopping by for the first time this week? 
DESPERATE to know what breaking news/monumental blog posts you missed this week?

Fear not, young one.

I shall recap:

On the BLOG:

Monday: I summed myself up in a Pin {nut} Shell
Tuesday: I recounted for you the time in my life when I believed I was destined for Olympic greatness and subsequently tried to luge down my driveway in a plastic sled
Wednesday: I highlighted my poor decision making skills by asking you ro help me pick out shoes to take on vacation. {I could still use your input!}
Thursday: A rare glimpse into the private, dark & twisty life of my purse

In shop news, I made some new fun ribbon bracelets to be listed soon:

Juicy new colors and

Also, just yesterday, I got an early Mother’s Day card from my age 10 son. It even had $1 cold hard cash enclosed

And last, but not at all least: This weekend my firstborn turns twelve!!!!

WHERE did THAT time go?!!
 I’m taking her and her 2 besties out for burgers and a little shopping at Target, then home for a sleepover!  I’m SURE I’ll have details for you next week.

What’s up for your weekend, pray tell? Hope you have a beautiful one!


P.S. I almost forgot! To all you sweet mommas, Happy Mother’s Day!

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