Me in a Pin {nut} Shell

I think we all agree, that Pinterest is tons of fun.
From creativity, to recipes, to fashion & design, Pinterest is the place to be.
But, what I am constantly amazed at are the little bits of graphic design that COMPLETELY capture some of my…….ummmm…..let’s call them quirks.

Pinned Image
I WISH this wasn’t as close to reality as it is :-/
Ummmmm, yeah. There’s really nothing I can add to this…. It happens….A LOTPinned Image

I am INDEED one of THOSE people who fancies themselves to be far younger than they actually are.

To find these and more, you can check out my pinboard ‘Just So Me’

Are you on Pinterest? Have you found Pins that Just SO describe you? I’d LOVE to hear! Am I following you on Pinterest, yet? I’d love to do so and get to know more about my readers, so link me!   Not yet a ‘pinner’ and would like an invite? Feel free to contact me with your email and I’ll set you up!

P.S. BLOGGER {{Grrrrrrrrr}} was not letting me link  the individual pics today, but you can source them all from my pinboard 🙂



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  1. I also always think 1990 was only ten years ago!! 🙂 xoxo

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