May Moments {instagram style}

a pedicure with my sweet age 12 daughter. Not only is she beautiful,
but she has her mom’s rapier wit 😀
dinner out, just my 3 chickens and me
already a man with a discerning palate, age 7 son having
whole grain pasta and pellegrino for lunch on the patio
the morning of school, when I was so proud of how diligently and quietly my age 10 son
was doing his schoolwork
………..until I looked at what I thought was his spelling assignment :-/
{definite ‘A’ for effort, though}
my early Mother’s Day card from my age 10 son,
that had $1 cold  hard cash enclosed
i came home from the gym one night only to find that
 my little blog had had over 1.000 page views while I was gone.  Little did I know
that Hershey’s had somehow found my recipe and posted it to their
FB fanpage.

Have any favorite May moments you’re dying to tell me about?!
Do share!!


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