I still remember…….

This past weekend, my eldest {smoo} turned 12. Even in writing that, I feel like my heart might explode. I still remember {like they were yesterday}……1st steps, 1st words, 1st teeth…….and now she’s 12?!!

Smoo {left} and one of her besties
Her other bestie and her very special Auntie Ab
{the shopping decisions were NOT easy}
the percociousness abounds with this kid
Our 1st Five Guys’ burgers……..
and Five Guys’ fries…
cinnamon buns in the morning

I have officially raised her for more years than I have left with her.


I love her, love her, love her.

Her party was simple, and just so her.
Her 2 besties.
Her special Auntie.
My Bestie {whom she adores}
Burgers & Fries.
Sleepover & quality time with said besties.
Cinnamon buns in the morning.

Thankful for my beautiful blond baby girl, and so blessed to watch her grow. I want to take each day and lock it away in my heart. Now more than ever, I am realizing how quickly these years are passing.

Are you in a stage of motherhood where it still seems like the days never end, or like me, do you feel that the days pass by like minutes?

I love hearing from you


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  1. Glad I missed the camera viewfinder. Phew! Happiest of birthday wishes to that pretty girl!!! :O)

  2. What a milestone: still a girl, but not quite a child… adolescent. I can’t imagine (yet)- as mine is only 2. All the same, I can identify with the bittersweetness of seeing the time go by!

  3. What a sweetie – and a surprise with that blonde hair! Oh dear, my youngest will turn 13 in a month. Time does seem like it keeps going so fast. The changes come so fast….but I love that he still blows me kisses from the bus!

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