Best Beach Bag EVER

{{This post is a re-blog from my other [now defunct] blog, last summer. BUT, as summer quickly approaches, it’s time to think about beach bags again. And I figured, ‘hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Thus, the reblog}} 

{{{{ALSO, I have to say, after having used this bag all of last summer, I recommend it all the more!}}}}

The post:

I’ve been in search of the quintessential beach bag for summer.

You know, the kind that will hold everything but the kitchen sink.

Or is it everything AND the kitchen sink?

Or is it all that and a bag of chips?

Last summer my search ended!!

Maiden Jane Shop
Maiden Jane Facebook

If you have kids and need a summer bag into which you can toss EVERYTHING, look no further. This will fit all you could possibly need………even a kid or two if need be…..

The bag is impeccably made and the custom service was excellent. So, if you need a summer beach bag,
look no further than MaidenJane
What is your most favorite, can’t-live-without, beach accessory??  Mine is obviously this bag…….and my Ray Bans, of course 🙂


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  1. I love Jane’s shop! My fave beach item would have to be my low rider beach chair. Perfect for relaxing, reading, sunning or napping at the beach!

  2. I will have to check out her shop! I can’t live without my Maui Jim sunglasses in the summer! I can’t wait for summer to arrive!

  3. Oh gosh, thanks so much for sharing. I think my favorite beach item is my SPF 45 Water Babies! (One look at me and you’ll know why!) Then my bags, of course. If we go to the ocean, I love to body surf and/or boogie board. Usually the waves on Lake Erie aren’t strong enough – but occasionally we’ll get a N’Easter and we have a lot of fun. (You have to avoid the rocky beaches when you do this…) As for Ray Bans…I lost the first two my husband bought for me – I think because I put them on the top of the stroller and then when I put the cover over the kids it popped off! So now I get my .88 cheapies…. Do I win the record for longest blog comment???

  4. Such cute pictures! Jane’s shop is fantastic! My must have beach accessory is a good book:)

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