Favorite March Moments {Instagram Style}

 I have found in Instagram, a really fun way to capture life’s moments.  Where maybe I wouldn’t necessarily have my camera with me, or be willing to pull it out,  I have my phone………..

Here are my top five memories from March:

The Sushi Sign:
The very moment I laid eyes on it, I had to laugh. It reminded me of something straight off of Saturday Night Live.
Sushi is the LAST thing on earth that I EVER want to get on deep discount.
I wondered to myself: Do People actually drive by, see the sign, and go,
“Oooooooh, honey!!!!! 50% off sushi!! We HAVE GOT to stop!!!”
The Fly Collection:
My Boys…..started a fly collection. Smashed flies, taped to a paper……….
The part I loved most?
It appears to be part of a “series”
The Mullet:
When my son had his longish hair cut short, I couldn’t help stopping the stylist mid-cut so I could have a picture of him
with a mullet……
The “Blunder” Brothers:
The day my sons, pals til the end, in homemade paper “costumes”,
runnning around the house referring to themselves as “the blunder boys” 
It was hours later when it was discovered that they actually had no idea what the word “blunder” actually meant.
Hobbit Feet:
Seven year old son in his big sister’s toesy socks.
Just cute.
The runner up:
{and ONLY the runner up because it wasn’t so much a captured moment as it was just coolness}
My embroidery hoop from OoooStitchy.
Particularly wonderful for me because on any given day you may hear either my husband or myself quoting this very thing in our best Tracey Jordan impression.


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  1. Instagram is so fun. I love the shark week embroidery.

  2. OMG, the sushi sign is HILARIOUS!! I agree- no raw or fish related product should be deeply discounted. I’ll pay full price for that, thank you. 🙂

  3. I totally agree with the whole sushi thing. There are just some things that you never skimp on price, and raw fish is one of those things.

  4. eww to the fly collection!! LOL!

  5. Haha I so agree about sushi! I’m willing to pay a premium to not get sick 🙂

    And thanks so much for stopping by and for entering the shopbop contest. So happy to meet you! xoxo

  6. Toe socks! I definitely had those in high school. I had no idea they were still around 🙂

    Also, I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Congrats! Come on by my blog for the award and details.

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