Everyday Treasures

Admittedly, being a recovering perfectionist, I am a glass half empty kind of gal. Instead of looking at something and saying,“this is good.”
I am more likely to say,
“It’s OK, but this and this and this could use some fixing.”
I hold very tightly to the way I think things SHOULD be.
God, little by little, year by year, is working in my heart to help me appreciate things as they are.
To just sit back.
And appreciate.
And relax.
And just
breathe deep
and drink things in.
To cease always striving, thinking, planning, thinking, worrying, OVER-thinking….and just
ENJOY. My husband. My kids. My business. My friends.
Enjoy life and all that God has blessed me with.
Enjoy and take notice of the little things.
The good things.
The everyday treasures. The things I may otherwise miss.
Things I can tuck away in my heart,
and say,
“This is good. This is perfect. This is a blessing”

and so, some of MY treasures from the past week,

Everyday treasure:
My daughter{age 11} told me that she had stitched up a hole in her brother’s {age 7} stuffed animal.  The treasure was not only in learning that she had given of her time, used her rudimentary sewing skills & supplies, and repaired “Mealoaf”, but that it was only mentioned in passing a week after it had happened. She didn’t do it for brownie points or approval.  She was just loving on him, for no other reason than love.
THIS is good. THIS is a blessing.

Everyday treasure:
Again, my daughter told me in passing that the other morning she awoke to find her {age 7} brother next to her in her bed, waiting for her to wake up and give him cuddles. Preciousness. And love. And affection. Tender moments between siblings, that like bricks, will build the foundation of their forever relationship.
THIS is good.THIS is a blessing.

Everyday Treasure:
Watching my quirky,  home schooled,  HIGHLY competetive son {age 10} play whiffle ball with a group of his peers and a coach.  Watching him in the outfield as he made mistake after mistake, and grew more and more frustrated.  I read in his face that his frustration had long since gone past the red line…………  Shaking his head, contorting his face, fighting back angry tears. I could see he was ready to explode.  I wanted SO badly to be THAT mom and go running into the field to talk with him and help him release his frustration.  But I didn’t. I waited and watched, and prayed, feeling  helpless {and believe it or not, with no shoratge of my own tears}.  I chose to trust the one whose careful eye and gentle touch he is always within reach of.  He made it.  It wasn’t pretty, but he made it through what even one year ago he may not have without an outburst.  He is growing. He is not there yet, but he certainly is growing. And he’s not alone in the growing. It was such a lesson in letting God show me how to let go………and helping me see that letting go is good for me, and best for my son.
THIS is good. THIS is a blessing.

……….grabbing a hold of these everyday treasures and keeping them in my heart helps me appreciate the richness of my life.  How about you?  Every go digging for hidden everyday treasures? Do share.


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  1. Beautiful blessings Sara! Kids will teach us many things – they long ago pushed me over the perfectionism phase….but there is perfect beauty in these moments that you share. I, too, try to find those moments…like when my daughter went to visit her older brother at college – to see his band play, to have lunch with him. It’s moments like these that make you realize you are doing something right. Obviously you are being an example to your kids and they are learning!

  2. I am the same way Twillybird… I wish I could flip that OCD, perfectionist, worry-wart switch in my brain OFF and just breathe and ENJOY LIFE. It is very difficult for me.

    I loved this post because I “felt” and/or “feel” everything you are “feeling”. SOOOOO many worries in this brain of mine… feeling overwhelmed and thinking about all I need to do in lieu of looking at all that I have in front of me, in my life, all His glorious blessings. Just know you are not alone. I love to no matter what …unconditionally!

    You home school your amazing kids, run a business, take care of your family, offer support and love to friends, and much, much more…

    You are an inspiration, a breath of fresh air, a kindred soul…. People like you only come around once in a lifetime… I think you hung the moon and I have never met you.. Funny how that works… that you have a bond with someone whom you have never graced their presence, and they make such an impact on your life…. keep it up kiddo…

    Positive, uplifting, happy thoughts and chin up buttercup!

    Always your friend with all the love in the world!

  3. “I love YOU no matter what..” lawd girl, I cannot spell ! LOL…

  4. Beautifully said Sara!
    It is so easy in the glittery pinterest and blog world to get caught up in putting importance in the material. Actually hoping to do a post on this topic soon.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  5. You have such a darling family! Good words, dear Sara. Hidden treasures ARE all around, we just forget to look. Thanks for that reminder.

  6. this is a very beautiful post <3


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