Where DID Summer Go?!!

If you’re like me, you’ve been left scratching your head & wondering……..

September?! Really?! WHERE in the heck-fire did summer go?!

And if you’re like me, you’ll give a blank look, shrug your shoulders, and say, “………dunno.”

Just kidding!  Summer WAS insanely busy. Good, but busy. 

Looking back, it feels as though it was a flurry of working on my shop as much as possible {in order to head into fall prepared, ready to devote myself to homeschooling} combined with soaking up as much sunshine and summer fun as humanly possible. 

But ALSO, {and this one is huge because not only am I a girl who struggles with change, but because I DO NOT fare well at all with upheaval}  We did some sprucing up in our home.  Almost the entire month of August was marked by one room or another being in utter turmoil…..sometimes  MANY rooms at a time.   The good news is that I survived. The other good news is that we are heading into the dark season in upstate NY with freshly, brightly painted walls……..

Drumroll, please…….

Yay, right?! The upheaval & change was well worth it, methinks. Youthinks?

I would love to hear about your summer…did it fly by? Or was it a hazy, lazy days kinda summer?

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  1. WOW…you did a lot of work! I really really really love the peach in the kitchen. I may actually steal that idea 🙂 Great job!

  2. I need you to come color consult. My forays into “bright and happy” always end in “eyesore”.

  3. Julie Deuvall says:

    LOVE your new wall colors, Sara!! What a happy place to live:-)

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