Today I am Humble. Today I am Thankful.

Good Friday.
A day unlike any other.
The day our God. Lord. Savior. Suffered.
Was Tortured.
Was Hung on a Cross.
And had the sins of the whole world. Poured. Onto HIS beautiful.
Spotless. Shoulders.
The day HE thought of me by name.
The day HE thought of you by name. 
 The day HE carried the cross of my shame.
My sin.
My many sins.
With me on HIS mind as HE suffered. As HE carried my shame.
As HE experienced complete. Seperation from the FATHER.
 So I would never have to.
Today is a day unlike any other.
Today I am thankful.
Today I am humble.
Today my heart overflows.
My Lord. My Savior. My Love.

A day unlike any other.
The day the sky went black.
The day the temple veil was rent.
And we, not just priests,
were allowed.
 To the Holy of Holies.
From our own hearts.
Straight to the Father.
No more priests as our go between.
No more shed blood to atone for our sins.
The day the final.
 Sacrifice was given.
The day Jesus was the perfect sacrifice.
For once. For all.
For you.
For me.
For all.
Today I remember what HE has done for me.
Today I am humble.
Today I am thankful.
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  1. Thank you, that was beautiful. Nothing to add but Amen.

  2. Excellent post, Sara.

  3. awesome reminder.

    i am SO grateful for His love for me!

  4. Beautiful! A horrible, wonderful day.

  5. Lovely.

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