Prone To Capriciousness….. Who Me?

     I, as you may or may not have heard, have re-opened both shops.  When the school year ended and I no longer had the responsibility of a school day filling many of the daylight hours I got ta thinkin’…..

and then, when I realized that for the past couple of months I had been able to relax and let go, leaving the shop sitting there with one lone necklace (which I had left listed for special order customer purposes), I got ta thinkin’…….

what if……..

I not only now had more time in my schedule, but also had perfected the art of not being a psycho about things.  What if…..

I could do what I was able with Twillypop, and forget about the rest? 

Well, even if it’s only a “what if,” shouldn’t I try?

 It did occur to me the other day, however, that MAYBE I should be embarrassed about deciding to open back up. The thought had not occurred to me before this because I have been me for 35 years now and I am sooooo used to the fact that I am……
prone to capriciousness….BIGTIME.
I have come to expect nothing less from me and so, as much as I had TOTALLY decided I was completely done with Twillypop and accepted it, I have now decided to give it one more go around, and I just as easily accept this. 

 If it is any consolation I have done enough head shaking, and poking fun at me for the both of us.   But, I love you guys. You have all been sweeter and more supportive than I could have ever imagined or hoped for.   So, here we go. Twillypop is ‘on the road again’ and only time will tell where it leads…….
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  1. Congratulations, Sara! You are too funny and Gorgeous! Those photos of you are beautiful! I mean it! Absolutely stunning!

    I’m so glad you are giving Twilly another go…believe me, I’ve been there, still there, wondering…”What am I doing?”

    Good luck, your necklaces & bracelets are gorgeous and I love the stories you write about them as you list them! Basically, you Rock! The fact that you are so humble and self-deprecating, just adds to your charm! Love Ya, Beth

  2. I’m a lot the same way. Don’t be embarrassed. I’m happy for you and sure others are too!

  3. Go, Sarah! I love Twillypop! Is it up on Etsy now?

  4. Good for you…I think it takes a lot to say “wait a minute…”
    We all get overwhelmed to the point of exhaustion (believe me I’m there).
    I’m sure the time off was well spent, you had time to re-energize and see what was important and what is possible.
    I’m excited for you and your family.


  5. You are an amazing woman!!! Glad you are back on Etsy. Your work is so fabulous:)

  6. Thats so awesome! I had to make some decisions about my shop too! I made them and now I am much more relaxed and i dont have the kids yet! But my shop took over my life and i didnt like it. I am so much more at peace now and the art can flow at its own pace. I dont like being forced and feeling like its forced upon me. I think you found the same things in your life. I am happy your back! 🙂 check out my Blog too, I kept it!

  7. I think that’s awesome. Good for you…

  8. Gorgeous pictures of you, love ’em! And. . . SO HAPPY to hear you’re back to your shop! You’ve got an awesome talent, it’s only right to show the world! 🙂

  9. You are so awesome!!!

  10. I never believed you were gone for good anyway… so glad to have ya back! For as long as you want to be. Until you change your mind. And then again. We’ll take what we get, just cuz we luv ya!

  11. What? I really must not have been paying attention. I didn’t realize Twillypop was on the cusp of nonexistence. I’m so glad you decided to give it a go again. … Congrats and good luck!

  12. yay! i was wondering what was going on when i started to see your stuff popping up in treasuries and stuff… glad you’re back! 🙂


  13. Who knows…this may become a seasonal type of business! But whatever you decide is good with me! 🙂

  14. Hey nothing wrong with a bit of capriciousness, keeps everyone on their toes … I’d much rather be capricious than predictable 🙂

  15. We all go through changes, and indecision… Embrace it. I’m happy to see your beautiful creations again!

  16. How else are you going to know what works? You have to try it all in order to find the right balance! I like the idea of it maybe because seasonal! 🙂

  17. You are too cute. You know artistic folk are that-a-way! Blessings**

  18. Totally understand where you’re comin’ from, and *so* glad you’re back!

  19. Exact definition of the five dollar word please….. ? :O)

  20. Yeah!!! So glad you are back!!!! Yes…you look gorgeous and so does your blog..and your new jewelry!!! Welcome back!!! from Lucy

  21. Couldn’t be happier to see our shops full again! Wishing you all the best always!

  22. Crazy about you no matter what you decide about anything…I have complete faith that you will always make the best decisions for yourself and your family…

    why? because you follow your heart my friend and I love that about you!

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