Aiming At Nothing…….and Hitting It

I have come to realize that I am not a very goal oriented person.  I can’t remember one time in my life when I have set a goal for myself and really worked to achieve it.  I didn’t “work” to finish high school, I just kind of survived it.  I was in the top of my class, but not because I worked hard at it……I just was because I was.  I didn’t “work” AT ALL in college and therefore did not finish. I couldn’t correlate the connection between the hard work for 4 (or more) years and the degree & job that would perhaps one day come out of it.   I cannot remember a time in my life when I was willing to work hard for something that may not pay off immediately.

Even in my weight loss, my goal has been an arbitrary “get fit & get healthy” goal.  This has not been without benefits and I will acknowledge that I have seen fruits for my labor.  But, I will also admit that this “goal” has led to periods of hard dieting & exercise, interspersed with complacency and resting in the fact that I am not 300 lbs. anymore.  Such complacency almost ineveitably leads to some sliding back into old ways and slight weight gain, at which time I start in hard again.  I do realize that there are cycles in life  and that getting off track IS somewhat normal.  But, I also know that if I had a goal in mind, I would have something to work for. I have never set a goal to be physically the best that I can be.  I have always just been happy to rest in knowing that I am not as big as I once was.

Me, 10 years ago
2 Years ago
I am also know that FEAR of failure is the reason I don’t set goals, especially this one.  Do I have what it takes to really get ALL the fat off?  If I keep aiming at absolutely nothing, I will have no trouble attaining it.  Today, with all of you sweet blog friends as my witnesses, I’m setting a goal.  By September 1st, I would like to have lost 20 pounds and be able to run 10 miles.  That’s it…. A goal and plenty of time to achieve it.  I am going to work at it, and for it with all of you as my witnesses and accountability partners (if you’ll have me :D)  You will notice at the top of my sidebar I have placed a Nike widget. If you click on the dumbell ‘training’ icon, then click on ‘keep me hydrated’ you’ll see a  way for you to encourage me in my efforts as much and as often as you think of it.   You can leave your name and a comment.  Encourage me with a quote, a new song I can download to my Ipod, or just write something goofy like, “Eye of the tiger,” or “Chariots of fire.”   If you have the time, I would love all the encouragement I can get!
How about you? Are you a person who lives knowing the value of the well-earned rewards of a goal achieved, or are you a bit like me, in that setting goals and achieveing them is something that has eluded you? I always love to hear about you……
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  1. Good luck! I’m right there with you sister, but with much more than 20 to go! Wishing you all the success in the world! Beth
    PS I put the music back on…the hell with the meanies! 🙂

  2. PS Love the new look of the blog! 🙂

  3. This is so inspiring to me. I am terrible at setting goals. And I am a firm believer in “if you aim at nothing, you are sure to hit it”

  4. So very inspiring, Sara! I also would like to just get in shape this summer. Best of luck to you, and I just KNOW you can do it!

  5. Oh girl I knew I loved you for a reason. I was just praying about how irritated I get with myself for not carrying thru on the goals I have set for myself…as I seem to be quite the self-sabatoger (sp?).

    I am so happy for you and you have my eternal support, lovie!!

    PS – you are beautiful…no matter the number on the scale. I not naive enough to believe that the number will cease meaning anything…but I pray you know that YOU are a picture of gorgeous as your spirit shines out!

    PPS – LOVING the layout round here…just goes to show I have been gone WAY too long!!

  6. You know I’ll be riding you in the nicest way possible. :O)

  7. Go Sara! Maybe in our older (not saying we’re old) age we finally figure it out. I never worked terribly hard in HS, like you, and was near the top of the class… college same thing, but not as close to the top… and then floated around from job to job till I joined the Army, where they kinda make your goals for you. So still not really a goal setter. OR maybe just in a different kind of way: Today’s goals are: have Natalie dressed, her hair and teeth brushed, and try to feed her good food. Ben same thing, though much less on the hair and teeth part (6 months, no teeth, little hair!). Beyond feeding and grooming I usually cross my fingers for no meltdowns. So I probably could take the goal making to the next level… tomorrow? Ha.

  8. You are amazing!
    First off, totally relate to the not setting goals for fear of failure. I am sooo that way, and yes, my goal is always, get fit, lose weight. But that has gotten me nowhere! I would love the opportunity to cheer you on and I thank you for giving your friends that chance!

    Love the new blog style too!

  9. Heather says:

    You are by far my wieghtloss idol!! I am not 300 lbs, but I have been dieting and have lost 16lbs so far hopeing to loose like 64 more before Feb ,2011 “CRUISE” lol. I have been more active, not really exercising, but just not a couch potato anymore lol. I am also using the carnation instant breakfast with no added sugar, I drink that like 4-5 times a day and eat one protient meal a day and if I feel as though I have to snack I grab some almonds or a spoon full of All natural jiffy peanut butter, veggies, just something to keep mind off of FOOD!! I am ADDICTED!! Hard to break but so far so good, Good Luck with the 20lbs and 10 miles YOU CAN DO IT!!

  10. Sara, I think it’s so great to have goals. Do I? Ummmm. My writing buddies always tease me, with that “g” word, with which I have a hard time. I applaud your openness and wish I could loose 20-30, too. Way to go! (Like your new blog template.)

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dear Bestest Goodest,
    You’re an amazing woman! I’m consistently in awe of the you that I see now. Remember those rough times? They are a distant memory. I unfortunately, am a goal oriented fanatic and completely lose sight of why I began the endeavor and only focus on the finish, not the process of enjoying what I’m doing while getting there. I won’t accept failure even if it causes me physical or emotional pain or my family. Being goal oriented isn’t always a good thing. I pray that someday we find a balance between the two polar opposites. thanks for sharing….love you

  12. You can do it!

  13. All I have to say is you look gorgeous. You have accomplished so much and should be very proud of yourself. What an inspiration to others.

  14. I am so proud of you, Sara. I believe whole-heartedly in goal setting and having the power to make your dreams come true (my whole business is based on that belief!), and the more specific your goals are, the better chance you have of achieving them. Every year on the winter solstice, I make a list of the things I want to bring into my life over the next year and I do a small ritual to pray/raise energy/appeal to my higher power to help me achieve those goals. I’m very specific, and I aim for things that I honestly believe can happen. Every year, I work towards those specific goals as much as I can, and trust that the rest will fall into place. Pretty much every single one of my dreams comes true each year.

    I have no doubt that you will achieve your goal, Sara. You are doing everything right – you know exactly what you’re working toward, you have given yourself a realistic time line to accomplish it, and you have said it all out loud, posting this here to hold yourself accountable. You have made the commitment, which I believe is often the hardest part – figuring out what you want, focusing yourself on a particular goal, and then actually saying “Okay, I’m going to do this.” Now all you have to do is DO it! I’m certainly cheering you on 🙂

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  16. I never really had goals until I started running a couple years back. I was like you, I just fell into things.

    Now I find that there are things I want and I’m going for them!

    You will achieve your goal. Don’t stop believing in yourself, you’re going to be spectacular!

  17. Rachel (The Wonderland Studio) says:

    Wow girl! you have me inspired!! You are amazing and you can do it…we will be cheering you on in twitterland! 😀

  18. Wow! Sara, I am really proud of you. I think you actually have set some amazing goals and have achieved them! Maybe, you are selling yourself a bit short… Your weight loss is nothing less than outstanding…it’s very easy to look back and say that we didn’t try hard enough at things to achieve goals…but, what I think is important, is what we do today…I, too, didn’t try hard at HS or college. I made some weak choices, fell into a few things by chance…but, now, I make a point to set goals and then set steps to take towards those goals..small steps…I can honestly say that when you set your mind to something, you can change things to be exactly what you want them to be… I know, I hear it in your voice…you my friend can achieve anything you set your mind to…we are all here supporting you…just do it! xo

  19. By not setting goals early on in life, I have a few regrets. It is time to better that and move forward. Like you, I am aiming for something terrifyingly scary, but entirely achievable. We can do it! An absolute YES. While I tell you how amazing you are, I will continue to work hard too. Let’s achieve and exceed, because I know we can. xo

  20. YeaY!!!! I am the cheerleader doing it all beside you!!!! I am so proud of you:) You can do it!!!!! Wish we could run together:))
    (love your new blog look!)

  21. I’m sure you’ll do it girl! It’s great you’re setting new goals, sometimes it’s not easy to keep it up, but if we push harder and focus on the goal, it can be a little easier to reach it. I’m with you girl!! You CAN DO IT!!

  22. Sara,

    I think you’re setting goals in more subtle ways than you realize, and that’s working for you! After all, you have a successful family and business! ;o)

    I’m gonna be cheering you on as you work on attaining your more traditional goal! I think you set a realistic one, and that’s something I have a great deal of problem doing! I tend to set grandiose goals and have had to remind myself, baby steps…baby steps! ;o)

    But I’m right with you in the fear of failure, that’s a big issue. Hoping I can work on that fear along side you as you achieve your goals! You CAN and you WILL! I believe in YOU!


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