At the Core….

It seems that this blog has turned quite personal. The necklaces have taken a backseat to the meanderings of my mind and musings on my insignificant life. It was only a matter of time before the rubber met the road……and with Good Friday and Easter upon us, there could be no other blog post but this……I have hinted, but never stated. I have insinuated, but never proclaimed…..and here it is: I am a Christian who could not let Good Friday and Easter pass without telling you, who have become dear to me, that the crucified savior means everything to me. So, before you click away, let’s just talk……

I have written and re-written this paragraph and I can’t seem to get it out. You see, I don’t want what is overflowing from my heart to be reduced to cliche, or stereoteype. I’m baffled that I am able to write silly little stories about necklaces, fictional party tee shirts and nasty tweeters without so much as a moment’s hesitation, and yet, I am unable to write with any clarity or impact what my heart is so full of that at times it feels like it may burst. The thing that is at the core of all that i am and do. The thing that has made me be able to handle the anger, depression, grief, insecurity, and mourning that would otherwise overwhelm my life. Why can’t I get the right words out?

I can’t get it out because, in black and white it feels cheapened. I wish you could look deep into my heart, as tears flow from my eyes, and SEE all that Good Friday and Easter have meant in my life. I wish you could watch one of those movie flashback reels of my life and see the paths I have traveled, the pain I have known (so much of it self-inflicted) ……and SEE how knowing Jesus has changed EVERYTHING. But you can’t…….and I can’t seem to find any words right now to convey to you my overwhelming, unfathomable thankfulness, love and joy as I reflect on Jesus’ death and resurrection. So, it will have to suffice, for now, just to tell you that it is there.
For me, this weekend is a reflection on and celebration of my Savior, without whom I would not be alive.

What does Easter weekend mean to you? A time for family, the Easter bunny and egg hunts? Baskets full of chocolates? (oh, I like these too) Or is it one of those weekends you see as another way for Hallmark to sell stuff? (also sad, but true) I would love to hear what you will be about on Easter weekend…….

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope, hope, hope you’ll come by again……..

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  1. Oh Sara, this is beautifully written. Through your struggle to articulate what you feel, you have given a deep sense of how Christ moves you. I’m glad you shared this, and I hope you have a beautiful weekend of celebrating.

    At Easter, our family celebrates Spring and the resurrection of life on Earth after the slumber of winter. It’s a time for family, like you said, and through all of the Easter/Spring symbols of eggs, bunnies, chicks, we are reminded that life is continually being reborn. It’s a great time of hope and promise :-).

    Don’t worry about making your blog personal – it’s your blog and you can do with it whatever you wish 🙂 Thanks for sharing, sweetie.


    IM PROUD TO BE cHRISTIAN,they suffer so in the middleast and elsewhere we are blessed here in US so very blessed to practice our faith freely.

    So for the greek words for Happy Easter I wish for you,Kalo Pascha!

  3. I happened upon your blog today and I’m glad I did.


  4. Dear, dear, dear Sara:

    I love the way you told how Jesus has given you life and hope. It’s your story, and you long for others to share that hope.

    Would that every man, woman and child had this heart of yours that burns with love and gratitude, embracing the Savior. Would that everyone whose heart is full of Him had the courage, like you, to shout it out.

    I love and admire you. Jesus is proud of you. I weep for joy that I know you both.

  5. Amen. Beautifully written, and yes, hard to express. Last night communion-His blood shed for ME and YOU, today reflecting, Sunday celebrating! That is what Easter means to me.
    Many blessings to you this week, sweet friend!

  6. Thank you for writing this. It was beautiful and honest. I appreciate your struggles, as they have similar to mine. I’m so glad to have you as a friend!

  7. Such a beautiful outpouring of your heart. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  8. This is beautiful. It made me cry.

  9. Thank you for sharing what this weekend is about in words to the point and with honest feeling. Glad I clicked. You’ve touched my heart. We are getting up very very early to travel for over an hour to attend church with my Mother and her husband because it means so much to her to have us with her. My wife and I understand this and join together with them in celebration of our Saviour’s sacrifice and love for us all. Easter Blessings to you and yours at this precious time of year ….and indeed all year.
    a.k.a. GlassManyColors

  10. Anonymous says:

    So So beautiful and just what I need to hear at this very moment… His Love,poured from your heart onto the page…
    Have a Blessed Easter~!

    Cheryl ~ XO

  11. I tried to read this and just couldn’t as the tears welled up in my eyes. 🙂 So beautiful and so honest…and such an excellent reminder of our purpose in life, our real reason for living… As you said to me, His love is unfathomable and yet you hit the nail on the head with your sweet post.

    Loving you…and Him,

  12. Preach it! I am too, just not a good one unfortunately.


  13. Absolutely beautiful 🙂 I know what you mean. And for me, Easter is about love. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastically whimsical with bunnies and brightly colored eggs, but really it’s all about love!

  14. In what you said, or didn’t say, it speaks volumes. Thank you for sharing a beautiful piece of you and your heart with so many! :O)

  15. Hey beautifully written. i also stopped by to let you know i got something for you on my site so check it out.

  16. What an absolutely beautiful, open and meaningful post!!! And oh, how you speak for sooo many! God Bless, and may you always feel free to tell the world you love Jesus!!! Absolutely moving picture, too!

  17. Amen. Love this post… it is just beautiful! May God bless you and your family. Happy Easter!

  18. What a sweet outpouring of your heart. No judgment, no condemnation, just His love sloshing over on those who read.

    A sweet way to share what’s really at your core with your readers. Blessed my day!

    Happy Resurrection Day – because He lives.

  19. Hugs, from one sister in Christ to another. This post is a great testimony of your faith. March on, dear one, in assurance. Blessings on your Easter Day.

  20. Happy Easter Sara! xo

  21. I praise Jesus for what HE has done and for you who one of the most beautiful christians i know—-WHAT A GLORIOUS WEEK-END —–loving and praisig our wonderful savior

  22. Loved your post!! It’s like you were in my head! I hope that you had a WONDERFUL Easter!!

  23. Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life with your blog readers. Believe me you don’t sound like a cliche at all. I really enjoy your sincerity. Keep it up:)

    Easter weekend is a time for family this year and I time to reflect at where my spiritual is going. I used to attend church regularly but now only go once in awhile. I did attend a very nice Good Friday service. Thank you for reminding us that there are bigger things in this world than ourselves.

  24. thanks for the blog love. I love your music playlist, I’ve downloaded a lot of your playmix.


  25. This is a lovely Easter blog. Thank you for sharing with us. God Bless.

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