The Nasty Tweet

It has been a while since I posted and it feels as though my mind has been …….a blank. Every time I think of a potential post, for one reason or another, I think better of it. I’ve been feeling………shy…..

But wait, didn’t I sing the praises of cyberspace in my last post ? Didn’t I recollect how my blog and Twitter have helped me to come out of my “dysfunctional party tee” shell and be myself here in cyberspace? What could have happened over the last two weeks to change the freedom to be myself that this blog had begun to afford me?

At first, I’ll be honest and tell you that I really didn’t know. I thought maybe I was getting lazy about my blog. But then I realized that I was even feeling shy on Twitter…writing countless tweets…and then deleting them. Not sure what to say, feeling uninspired. What happened?!

A single nasty tweet. That’s right. A single 140 character (or less) tweet regarding my last blog post that cut me to the quick, and pierced my soft, exposed underbelly. I tried to reason it away, but it was unmistakably nasty and it was directed to @Twillypop. I thought I had dismissed it and moved on but realized that it was effecting me profoundly and brought to the forground one of my lifelong bad habits:

Above all other voices, I listen to, dwell on, and ultimately believe the negative ones.

There have been countless positive responses to Twillypop and yet, as soon as I received the “nasty tweet” I started to believe that that one person is the only one telling the truth. One negative voice, out of hundreds & I believe that one is the only right one….

I don’t know why it is so easy for me to believe the negative about me above all else. I will say, I realize it and refuse to perpetuate this cycle in my life. Right here, right now I’m saying, the “nasty tweeter” is wrong, if only wrong in feeling the need to insult me rather than just click away. Right here, right now I am moving forward clinging to the good. Onward and upward, I won’t turn back…..

How about you? Do you find it easier to believe the negative things people say about you? I would love to hear…

Or are you fabulously confident and let insults repel off of you like raindrops off of a windshield coated in Rain-X (sorry, it was the 1st example that came to mind) I would LOVE to hear about it & perhaps live vicariously….

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  1. OH, how I WISH negative comments would roll off of me!! I am a lot like you, more comfortable and confident in cyberspace!! But, I have to admit, I would probably react the same way you did! YIKES!! I SO need to conquer that, glad you did and you are back!! Nasty Tweeter WAS wrong!!
    ~Michele from By Your Side

  2. I agree with Michelle, I SO WISH I could make things roll off. And, I hope you tweet more again because I like your tweets. 🙂

  3. That is really rude for some one to send you a nasty tweet! Maybe I missed out because I am not sure what it was about, but regardless that is rude!

    I have yet to receive negative comments via cyberspace but I wish you well and hope that people stop being so rude! I often times see a lot of rudeness online because it makes shy people able to say things they normally wouldn’t and hide behind the computer.

    Don’t let all the negativity get to you! You are wonderful and talented =) Keep up that confidence!

  4. Sara,
    First let me say you are a like a mirror image of me. I don’t post on the blog as often as I should as like you I seem to lack the confidence or at times think who what’s to hear what you have to say. I used to hesitant to toot my own horn on Twitter, but no longer. I’m proud of what I do & how I do it.I mean after all that’s why I went into business and why you did too! You are an awesome artist with a kind hearted soul.I count myself so fortunate to have met you, and love calling you one of my dear Twitter friends. Regarding the nasty tweeter: He or She should remember…You only get what you give & what goes around comes around. Easy for me to say…but don’t give it too much thought, not worth your time.

  5. Oh, I can completely relate! It does only take 1 nasty comment to undo 50 good comments. Why? Why are we so consumed by the negative and ready to believe them?! I have no answers, I wish I were better about letting it get me down too. Please know how many of us really really love you and can’t find anything negative to say about you!! You are a beautiful person and I love “hearing” what you have to say! ((HUGS)))

  6. Anonymous says:

    They just roll off my back….that is after I spend a week and half living under my bed.


  7. I don’t think anyone is immune to critisism, despite what they may say. I try to imagine what an empty, awful life it would be to spread misery, and I end up feeling pity for the person. That makes what they say a part of their problem, not yours 🙂
    i like this quote: Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. Hope to read another post of yours soon –

  8. I am saddened to hear that anyone would say anything nasty about anyone, and especially, you my sweet friend! I”m with you, though, those negative comments can dig deep. I, actually, had one myself last week. Totally surprised me and was completely unfounded, but it still bugged me.

    Anyway, there are SO many of us that adore you, and love is 100 times greater than unlove, this I know for sure.

    XOXO Big hugs and kisses to you sweetie!

  9. Oh, you must remember me as a kid, no confidence at all! Some days something will happen and I feel like I’m back on the school bus, being embarrassed about one thing or the other, firey red cheeks betraying me!
    Well I still get those damn firey red cheeks, but nowadays it often involves some wine… and of course when someone says something mean, I can sure ACT like it doesn’t matter. But really, when I get into bed at night, sometimes those things just play and replay for waaaaay too long. What I should have said, what I will say next time, blah blah BLAH. I guess things will always bug me to some degree. I think you are doing the best thing you can do by recognizing it and making a change! It’s so hard to do. Keep on blogging, I love reading about you and your family!

  10. I completely understand how you feel in regards to believing the negative!!

    I want you to know that your work is Amazing, and even though it is easier said than done, try to only think of the great friends and followers that support you!!

    Being shy and insecure is understandable!! But please do not let this idiot get in the way of your beautiful talent and inspiration to others!!!

    As Eleanor Roosevelt once said “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission”!!!… don’t give them permission….!!!!

  11. I totally understand your reaction and would have felt the same way when you got the negative comment. Please remember, though, that you are an incredibly talented artist who is building a business on your own creativity. Keep it up my friend, we are cheering for you 🙂

  12. Oh, Sara…I hear ya, I’m the same way and I dread the thought of getting a nasty tweet or comment on my blog. I know that inevitably I will get one sooner or later…I hope that I can just hit “delete” and let it go.

    It’s easy to say but I think I can remember every single cruel thing that has ever been said to me. I doubt I can remember many of the good ones.

    Here’s wishing you happy tweets from now on and the courage to ignore the mean ones…

  13. YOU are far toooooooooooooo FABULOUS to listen to one nast tweet!!!!!!!! I live by Faith forgive the person and move on. They obviously have problems of their own if they have to write bad things about other people.

    YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!!!!!

  14. Like my mother always said “I-G-N-O-R-E”. You are sweet and your shop is awesome!

  15. Sara, I can completely relate to how you feel. I found out a few weeks ago that there are a few individuals in my grad student cohort at school who have a problem with me, and even though I know they have no real reason for feeling so strongly (other that that they seem to be stuck living out high school social dynamics), even though there are many people who love me, it still affects me. It has taken me a few weeks to get back to feeling comfortable speaking up in class because I feel so hyper aware of those two people. But, you know, all we can do is take the high road. Kill ’em with kindness, as my mother would say, and care about the opinions of those who add more of the positive to our lives and less of the negative. Sending you love! Shake it off. You’re awesome.

  16. When I hear something negative directed my way, my heart falls out and rolls onto the floor. It stays there for some time before I can move on. Most kind people are that way because all they mean to do is good. Let’s all keep moving forward on the positive side of life and hang with the nice folks. 🙂

  17. Oh, this upsets me. 🙁
    Sounds like you’ve encountered a bully, and that’s NEVER fun.
    I say keep doing what your doing, Sara. I love your amazing and colorful creations and you’re one of the very kindest people in my online friends circle too! <3
    p.s. the way I see it the bullies are just angry that they’re not fulfilling their own dreams.
    Continue to do whatever makes you HAPPY, that’s the most important thing afterall, AND it’s what’s most inspiring to the rest of us! 🙂

  18. I’ve been told to be teflon and just let it roll off too.

    We all do it at times. I think just coming to this realization and “fessing up” about it, that pattern is being broken down.

    Just be the YOU we all love! :O)

  19. Oh…the joys to find out that you are indeed as human as me! 🙂 It is always comforting to know that you aren’t alone in our focus on the singular stinging slap over the fifty-plus hugs. I am exactly the same way…giving my vote to the one hurtful comment over the flattering voices that call all around me.

    I am so sorry to hear that someone was mean to you – and in fact would be happy to go beat them up as that is just awful for me to think of about you – but know that you are indeed loved and appreciated by this CaliGirl who loves you somethin’ fierce!!

  20. Let me at em!! How dare anyone be mean to one of the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful people I know?! Don’t you dare let one hateful person hurt you!

  21. There are so many people with so many different opinions that I find it hard to take them all to heart. And yet, with out the great variety our world would be so less interesting. I guess the thing sour thing is if it’s done with a mean spirit. If it is, then I guess that is your answer to how you should feel about the comment. On the other hand, I like little agitation to mix the cream in my coffee.

  22. We are all the same deep inside…I too pay more attention and am more effected by the negative. Its soo easy to go negative. Its sad but true. Its only natural to feel this way, as long as we feel what we need to feel and move on. I believe it can make us stronger and just realize that person just has something to deal, they saw something in you that reminded them of what they are missing and want to bring you down. Don’t let them…people can be such crabs sometimes.

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  25. Oh, Sara. How I wish I could hug you right now. I just wrote a post about how the necklace you made me for my 35th annivesary made me feel like a queen! It will go live on Friday the 26th.

    Please believe it, rather than a person with darkness in thier heart, who feels so little and jealous of your gifts that they need to try and steal your joy. Don’t let them. We love you and believe in you, darling.

    BTW, I take those mean words to heart, too. I’ve learned to pray for the ugly people who say them. That flushes the poops out of my heart.

    Love you oodles and poodles, Twillypop!

  26. Well what can I say but the person who said these nasty things to you was probably envious of your talent and they must have a sad life. I have only recently started a blog and not sure what the hell I am doing but it’s my decision and if people don’t like it tough. Just keep doing what your doing knowing that you and your work are admired.

  27. You have a great product, great pics, and a unique idea that I am certain many wish they had thought of first. Don’t let the bitches get to you, just keep on truckin’.


  28. Sara,

    Yes, I too have a way of believing the negative and resisting the positive. It’s been conditioned in me, but I also, with God’s help, am learning to take it all in, reflect on it, then discard those things that don’t fit. I think the hardest part about a negative comment is that it confirms what we believe about ourself. I am with you: let’s change the way we view ourselves.

  29. Dear Sara,

    I am with you in believing in the negative things rather than a million positive ones. I wish my brain held onto compliments as well as it does something someone said to me when I was 14 years old that was so cutting and mean.

    There are so many different people with all manner of different intentions online…gladly you have met up with many positive ones, but there are the jealous, mean, negative, spiteful people who work to tear down what others do or say. I know no matter how many people tell you that you’re amazingly artistic and talented, it only matters if you believe it yourself.

    I know you realize that you’re such an amazing person and an artist…you work hard to build others up, and I appreciate that AND your amazing creative mind and jewelry art!

    I’m sending you a big hug. We all have been there, depressed and upset over what someone has said in a negative way, but as you write this it’s clear you are triumphing and rising above the pain!

    Keep doing what you do, Sara, we love you!

  30. Oh, my, have I been there. Wondering if that one nasty person was the only one telling the truth…

    but this is the internet and everyone has the faceless license to be an asshat. So that means it’s really the nice people who are going out of their way to offer truths. It’s easy to be mean on the internet, and much more time consuming to be nice.

    It took me a long time to realize that, and it’s something I’m still figuring out every day.

  31. I’ve been online for over 10 years. Trust me when I tell you there are people online who take pleasure in being rude and thoughtless. Some even seek others out just to bully them and be hurtful. For your own wellbeing just ignore them and stay focused on what you’re doing.

  32. The more you put yourself out there, the more you risk that kind of scrutiny. Just read some of the hateful comments on the really large blogs such as Apartment Therapy to get a real dose of criticism. It’s just awful how some people need to bring others down to feel successful, but you just have to let it roll off your back. Though I can speak from experience that it’s FAR easier said than done. Judging by the number of comments on this post, it’s clear that, as you said, you have lots of positive people! 🙂

  33. Just ignore the nast tweet, darling, and know that you are awesome!


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