Embracing My Cyberlife and Admitting…..I Was Wrong

Not 6 months ago I rarely went online. I never checked my email, and only ventured into cyberspace to place the occasional J. Crew order (what can I say? Every girl has a vice….) When asked by friends and family if I was on Facebook, I had a little prepared speech….something to the affect of ….takes away from time with people…blah, blah…..better things to do with my time…..blah, blah, blah. I shudder to think of it now! My attitude was that I had my family and my friends, so what did I need with the internet?

Enter: Twillypop…and the blog, and Twitter. Now I have found myself quite literally thrown into a melange of social media-ery (sounded cuter in my head, but we’ll keep it anyway.) At first it was all about “the necklaces.” That was my reason, and I was sticking to it. Then I started to enjoy visiting blogs and getting to know people, and RELISHING the comments left by other bloggers on mine. I started looking forward to blogging, as much as spending time with friends. And Twitter? I have become downright attached to “seeing” many of the people I follow. Even friendships with customers and Facebook fans started to blossom..
The plain truth is…I do better in cyberspace than i do in real life. Remember the Party Tee post? I am all different here in cyberspace. I’m comfortable, I am bolder and I am freer to be me. I am not afraid of rejection here, because I’ll never know if you click away halfway through this post…or snicker at something silly I said…or if you think my thighs are fat (HA HA you can’t SEE my thighs! ) If you respond well to me here, great! If you don’t, I’ll probably never even know about it. Pretty sweet sitiation if you ask me….
Got ol’ Twillypop ta thinkin’ (yes, again) Am I making friends? Is this thing real? Is this what all the buzz was about? Considering that I am more myself here than anywhere and I’m probably not the only one, the answer is a resounding yes!

I say all of this to say I am ready to embrace my cyberlife, and so many of you who have become so dear to me and admit: I was wrong.

So, insert yourselves into one of these pictures…..at a dinner party with my mom and me, or hanging on a Sunday with one of my sisters. Yes, I like you all that much.
How do you feel about your cyberlife? Has it taken you quite by pleasant surprise? Or, perhaps you could still take it or leave it?
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  1. I have to admit, I agree! I totally resisted blogging/twitter/etc. I only had facebook because I used to live overseas and it was a good time-zone free communicator.

    I’m really enjoying the whole thing now, and the people I ‘meet’. (I’m getting a lot of ‘I told you so’, and I’m finally willing to believe not everyone in cyberspace is a 60 pedophile).

    And, I quite happy to have ‘met’ you! 🙂

  2. I TOTALLY agree! I used to think Twitter and blogging were the stupidest things! I enjoy seeing the regular tweeters and commenters! Great blog post!

  3. I love my cyber life…even when I am just not physically up to the posting. 🙂 My husband would say I am an addict…but after watching last night’s episode of House with the blogger girl, I don’t think I am THAT bad…ahem.

    I am so glad that I met you, tho…you always bring a smile my face. So…here’s to being wrong ~ it brought me a great friend!!

    Love you muchly,

  4. OMG….I could have written this 6 month ago.

    I should be old enough to have learned by now to “NEVER say NEVER”

    and YES, Sara I do consider you a new found friend.

    Jo Ann pottery123

  5. You couldn’t do what you did to me Sunday if we were only cyber friends :O)

    I also resisted it all, but am glad for my new friendships made.

  6. Wow. I couldn’t agree more, Sara. I too have been overwhelmed with sweet surprises– YOU among them!

    Love you,

  7. Very provoking post, dearie. Blog friends and real life friends are different beasts, but equally important.

    I have had my little blog for about 4 years, and I have had a ton of a positive connections and made some friends. While my real life people take priority, I think the blog world encourages me to stay creative and be bold about being who I “am.” Keep up the good work – you are phenom!

  8. Sara, I love to read and blog-hop. Met wonderful friends, see new places, and sitting at my desk. I still haven’t done the twitter thing yet….but love this. Oh, love the combo necklaces you have on in that pic!!

  9. not only can I insert a pic of me with you, but I could just insert Jennifer for twillypop in your post! that’s exactly how I feel, so fortunate to have stumbled upon so many wonderfully warm and talented friends when I began on pins and needles, afraid of rejection. as always, love your post.

  10. I relate to this. I said I’d never have a FB page, and I compromised, I have one for Finding Charm. HA!

    I nominated you for a Sunshine Award:

  11. I couldn’t have said it better myself! Although, it would have had the same point. It really has amazed me in the short year that I have been on FB and blog-stalking how quickly friendships are formed, and more importantly, how deep those friendships grow. It reminds me of Brad Paisley’s song “Online” 🙂
    So glad to have “met” you!
    (love your pics, you are gorgeous!)

  12. Very sweet post, darling!
    I’m glad we are cyberfriends!


  13. My Cyberlife is lovely! I love twitter, facebook, my blog…I love all of it. And for this I thank, the dear old internet.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  14. Glad you *are* online, I enjoy your tweets and seeing new creations linked. 🙂

  15. This is exactly me! Before setting up on etsy I always wondered what the fuss was about social media. Now working from home it is a little bit of a life line and I love it. Have already learned so much!

  16. I’m one of the people who never resisted cyberland. But I’ve spent years defending myself to my “real” friends and the one thing I’ve continued to find is that the people I’ve met online are more accepting, more welcoming and more loving than so many people I’ve known my entire life.

  17. GREAT POST! I have met some very caring, supportive, creative people in the cyberworld. I LOVE my cyberlife, especially seeing as I have been stuck at home with infant Triplets for the past two years it really has been a much need outlet for me.

    But I truly treasure the firendships I have made.

  18. Dear Sara, my cyberlife has become a lot richer and more active in the last year or so and I must say, I loove it! I have “met” so many incredible, truly creative and imaginative people (including you) and that inspires me, everyday! I do admit I have to “measure doses of cyberland” in my daily life so it does not consume me and shut me off to those around me, the live companions of my days and nights but overall, it’s been a very rewarding experience! Good weekend to you, Sara, and thanks for sharing you life with us and your stunning creations! ox AJ

  19. I count you, Sara, as one of my best cyberfriends!

    This is a great post. I, too, used to spend very little time on the computer and wasn’t into email, facebook {or myspace as it was then}. But, as a girl in business, social media became an important part of growing an online business, a way of keeping up, so I ventured in, slowly at first and now, submerged. Never did I imagine that I would find such support and kinship online.

    What a beautiful, ‘never expected’ way to make close, dependable, inspiring friends!

    I appreciate you and your friendship sooo very much!

    xo Kerri

  20. Sara!
    You write wonderfully! You are so honest..and always say something I have felt or thought! Plus, you like poetry!!! Enjoying your blog!

  21. I love it! Cyber life is underrated and often looked down upon. So long as you don’t let it interfere with the real-life relationships you have, you’re fine 🙂 Social media is an amazing business outlet, but best of all, it’s FUN! If you can have fun doing your business, then your business will succeed! Take that all non-believers 😉

  22. There’s no turning back now. 0_0


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