Beautifully Distracted: An Interim Post

As I was sitting down at my workspace to design necklaces for my “Twillypop Spring Into Summer: Vivid Colors” post, this little guy came to me

………..and as if the dimples and bushy eyebrows weren’t enough, he was dressed in this:

…asking me if we could make a “neckwith that I been finkin’ of, wif a combination of beadth wif maybe pink ribbon and pink and white beadth and wif white th-tring?”

Apparently, he’s been designing a necklace in his mind, down to the last detail. I looked into his baby browns, I looked at the bright stack of brand new ribbon just waiting to be strung, I looked back at him looking so hopeful and excited at the thought of designing his own Twillypop, and my mind raced with the fantastic blog post (everyone is a legend in their own mind, right?) I thought I had planned……back to his little face…….and realized, Twillypop is so much the LEAST of all things that I am, moments like THIS are what my life is for. And I’m so thankful.

He climbed atop my lap and the designing began. The project took as long as it would have taken me to design at least a couple of necklaces, but the time that I spent with him was worth infinitely more than what little I felt it cost me. I was able to plant sweet kisses on the back of his hairy Italian neck as I watched his pudgy fingers clumsily thread the needle through what seemed like a countless amount of beads…We talked of some more ideas he had for necklaces, who the necklace would be for (he went through 5 different people in the span of an hour and finally landed on Sis.) We practiced counting to 100 and he shared that he first thought about the necklace one night when he ” couldn’t fall asweeep.” Preciousness abounded…………..but blog posts did not. Or did they?

I give you: The Beautiful Distraction Necklace:

I hope to be back very soon with some new necklaces in bold colors, but I can’t promise anything………You never know when another distraction will find it’s way into my workspace…………

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  1. Precious! So incredibly precious! Your little boy is adorable. Such a sweet post, and a perfect lil’ distraction. 🙂

  2. I think he’s on to something with the two bead colors. The designer mantle passes on to your creative son. Love it so much. Give that boy a big hug for me. :O)

  3. What a doll! You did the right thing by allowing him to “distract” you, Sara. And God honored you by his great idea for a new Twillypop design. Win/win for everyone!

  4. this is by far one of the sweetest post i’ve ever read…what an adorable and creative little doll…just like his mommy…

  5. Love it!! Its a beautiful necklace with those two bead colors… you really should listen to him more!:)
    Great post, what a little sweetie pie!

  6. I applaud you for stopping to take a memory moment with your gorgeous little one. And the necklace is lovely with a heartfelt story to go with it. Made me smile. Blessings**

  7. Fantastic post, Sara! I have three little ‘distractions’ and I needed this boost of encouragement today. Thanks, friend! xoxo

  8. He looks so much like you, Sara! And ah dew declare, he’s got his mama’s mad design skillz! Love the necklace, and love that you treasure him above all things frilly and Twilly!

    Aah memories, these are the pearls our lives are strung with…


  9. nice blog! 😀 I LIKE IT

    I follow you, i hope you follow me toooo????

    i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin 😉

    kisssss from germany ;*)

  10. What a CUTIE PATOOTIE!! Love the necklace!! Going to grab your button for my blog, and I am trying to figure out how it is I have missed you on FB?? So, I am off to Fan you too!
    By Your Side

  11. Love this story! And what a beautiful necklace that came out of it 🙂

  12. He is one handsome little man. What a GREAT Mommy you are to help him with his creative side KUDOS! YOU ROCK!!

  13. Love, love, love this post. You are such a wonderful Mom. As I read every word, I could completely envision you sitting across from me telling me this story. Not only are you incredibly ‘crafty’ but you are also an incredibly gifted writer (and I have known that since the day I met you!!!!!) — Shelli

  14. He will be a heartbreaker, no doubt about it and I hope he keeps the lisp = it’s disarming! oxox AJ

  15. what a lovely and sweet post! your priorities are def in the right place and i love the new necklace.

  16. this necklace is lovely!

    I’ve just discovered your blog… will look around a bit more 🙂

    FYI… If you like Anthropologie, I’m hosting a scarf giveaway on my blog right now – hope you’ll stop by.

  17. oh boy that’s so sweet i almost cried! now i’m thinking of my little man at home today with his daddy while i work. thanks for sharing this story.

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