Giveaway Time!

Would you like to be immortalized in ribbons and beads? Has your dream long been that you could be a Twillypop too? As I’m sure that most of you answered these tough and probing questions with a resounding “Yes! Yes! Oh pick Me!!” ….. (yes, I AM kidding…) it is Time for another fun giveaway! Let’s see if we can’t chase away a little of the winter “blecchhs” (be sure to really use your throat and sound utterly disgusted when you say the word blecchhs or the effect will be lost…) with a little thing I like to call “free stuff.” What I am offering is a Twillypop necklace designed specifically for, and named after the winner. Or, as Valentine’s Day approaches, perhaps there are some of you who would like to have this designed for a special woman in your life as a gift. The necklace will be designed uniquely for you, or for whoever you, the winner, would like, with favorite colors and personal style in mind.
TO ENTER: Please be sure you are a follower of my blog and then click on comments below and leave me a comment detailing some of your fave colors and the “Twillypop girl” (by name. if you please,) that best suits your personal style. (You may want to check my store and past posts from my blog, because I have sold some that aren’t currently in my store.) There. You officially have one entry.

1. tweet (or retweet) this giveaway=1 entry for each tweet. Just MAKE SURE to mention @twillypop when you tweet so i know you tweeted me!
2. become a twitter follower of @twillypop=an extra entry (or if you already are, let me know in the comments!)
3.become a facebook FAN = an extra entry(if you already are, let me know in the comments!)
4.Any one who would want to mention this on their blog would probably earn oh…let’s say…3 extra entries. Just let me know in a comment..I DO so hate HATE to have to Google myself……(kidding again…..half…… kidding.)
The comments don’t have to be separate (or they can be,) just please let me know all the info, as I want to be sure everyone gets their fair share of entries!!!
The giveaway ends Sunday, January 24th at 6p.m. the winner will be announced next monday!!
(please be sure that if you are not a blogger, I have contact info and/or you make sure to check back on Monday!)
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  1. I think your Twillypops are so pretty and unique!! I love the colors Black and Red(like Garnet) and i think that your use of crystals is great too:)

  2. Helllo! 🙂
    I love all the designs! Especially the simple simone necklace – I’m always wearing blue and black. The twillypop girl, though, would be my sister, Olivia. She’d love to have one in purple, with grey or white or black…those seem to be her colors.

  3. Follower! Love the Bronte Beaded Ribbon and Chain Necklace!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. woah mama so cute!! i love the mare satin! lovely lady:)

  5. Twillypop girl fave–
    Linnea Pearl and Ribbon Necklace

  6. I follow you on twitter

  7. I fanned you on FB

  8. I’m a follower 🙂

  9. I’m in love with black and I like the Simple Simone Ribbon Necklace:

    annabell_lee_dk (at)

  10. Follow you on twitter:

    annabell_lee_dk (at)

  11. Tweeted:

    annabell_lee_dk (at)

  12. 1) Blogged:

    annabell_lee_dk (at)

  13. 2) Blogged:

    annabell_lee_dk (at)

  14. 3) Blogged:

    annabell_lee_dk (at)

  15. I am a follower! I think I am a Pearl Penelope kind of Twillypop girl! I love browns, white and cream.


  16. Jocelyn Ribbon Necklace is my absolute fav. Any color of cream is so elegant and goes with everything.

  17. Twitter follower


  18. Facebook fan

  19. Hi – I found you through New Homemade Giveaway.

    I like the Marie necklace, especially the ribbon – the dark edging on the ribbon. I also like to be able to make it a longer length (I have a fat neck).
    Colors: grey beads with a light grey ribbon edged in a darker grey. I like the romantic necklaces with the paler colors.

    clenna at aol dot com

  20. I’m a fan of yours on FB

    clenna at aol dot com

  21. Fab giveaway Sara!

    For all things fashion:

  22. Wow, I love your necklaces. What a unique and elegant idea. I especially love the Bronte ( I love it as is, but since you want to customize it, maybe use a white with brown edged ribbon? Or switch the peach beads to blue or pink/red?

    I’m following your blog.
    aschertle at yahoo dot com


  23. 1. I’m a follower, and I love blue and pink! My favourite twillypop is Daphne!

    2. I tweeted –

    3. I follow on twitter

    4. Facebook fan – Nadia Torrieri


  24. this is a wonderful giveaway!

    my fav color in the world is yellow. but yellow doesn’t usually work for jewelry, so my fav jewelry colors are purple, brown/aqua combo, ivory, green, red, antique brass, antique gold.

    the necklace that most suits my style is zoe beaded ribbon & chain because it has beads, ribbon & chain of course! love the style of all your necklaces.

    amii_chong [at] yahoo [dot] com

  25. WOW, these are so stunning and unique. I love the design. This one is my fave:

    Chocolate Covered Berries Ribbon Necklace



  26. I’m following twillypop on twitter!


  27. I blogged about this giveaway! (entry 1)

    Here’s the link:


  28. I blogged about this giveaway! (entry 2)

    Here’s the link:


  29. I blogged about this giveaway! (entry 3)

    Here’s the link:


  30. Daily tweet!


  31. Wow – you’ve definitely got lots of excitement for this giveaway!

    I’m a blog follower and a twitter follower.

    My favorite color is lavender with pale green accents. Those were my wedding colors and I’m celebrating my 8th anniversary in March.

    You have a lovely blog and shop. Best wishes in 2010!


  32. Pick me, pick me!!!

    I’m a Sophia the bi colored ribbon.

    Just retweeted your tweet..YES!

    Just posted it on Facebook..Whoohoo!

    BTW, I never have my speakers on but this morning I did. Imgaine my surprise at your music..LOVE of my favorite songs!

  33. Forgot to add…I’m a facebook fan too!!

  34. I am a follower and I love the Susette Ribbon and Pearl necklace, I would do such a big happy dance if I win!
    Email attached to profile.

  35. I follow you on twitter @umeplusone

  36. I am a facebook fan (Kym Teale)

  37. Just tweeted!


  38. I am a follower.
    My favorite color is black. I took a look and I love the Sweet Jane Swarovski necklace.

  39. Daily tweet!


  40. Hi there! I love purple and gray, and Trish from your flickr (the one I tweeted) is my fav 🙂 Ooh! and Marie (but that’s not under the Twillypop section of your shop…)
    (I’m following you on blogger and twitter ^_^)

    How pretty…

  41. i like the Bronte Beaded Ribbon and Chain Necklace i think the colors will suit my skin tone

    bvrlylava at gmail dot com

  42. twitter follower (Barbiejef)

    bvrlylava at gmail dot com

  43. tweet:

    bvrlylava at gmail dot com

  44. Hi Sara! Your necklaces are gorgeous… and the photography! I like all the colors, but I am drawn to the dark grey colors these days!
    I follow your blog… love this blog thing! Of course, that’s only when I get the time to sit down and read them…

  45. I love the whole Twillypop Store. My hands-down favorite necklace is Bronte. I love the variety in the beads and the contrast of the chain with the ribbon and the somewhat tangled together look of it all. Gorgeous. I also am a huge fan of all of the necklaces in the Something Old, Something New collection, especially Bella.

    My favorite Twillypop Girl, as of yesterday, has to be Simple Simone. But before that it was probably Jocelyn. And can I just say how beautiful Sweet Jane and the Silver Zoe are.

    I think the hallmarks of my style would be asymmetry (a la Bella or the Genevieve side tie), classic looking colors (blacks, silvers, blues, creams, browns, golds, and greens), pearl or sparkly glass beads, and drawing the eye by contrasting textures and materials more so than using bright punchy colors.

    Also, just started following you on Twitter.

    And am a facebook fan now as well.

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